I felt I haven't watched a lot of movies lately so today was the day I had to make it happen.

I haven't een hearing a lot about any interesting movies so I went to my nearby movie site and scrolled through the selections.

I found a movie called "Jamesy Boy". Looked pretty cool. So I decided to jump right in. It began with a correctional officer figure forcing an inmate into the ground and he had been gasping for air as his nose started to bleed. The fighter in me wanted to know why he was being treated like this. Then I found out it was because of a fight he had with another prisoner. Guess he deserved it. Looks good so far.
It began with him and his mom going to enrol him in a school and them denying him because of his run ins with the law and at other schools. James was clearly troubled. Ransacking and stealing from stores, smoking weed with people he has just met while on curfew for a gun charge.

Serving time in jail, James has numerous run-ins with other inmates. Fights with guards and other inmates, and even a scuffle where someone included a weapon.
The first part of the movie showed how he got involved with a neighbourhood scarface by the name of "Rock". Rock had a small crew and had no need for another individual in it. But James wanted in. Rock put him through tests and various chores but his true test came on the night of a robbery that Rock orchestrated.

James had the role of getaway driver and he was ready to play it until he noticed something going wrong in the house and when he got in he noticed the robbery was going sour as the people Rock went to rob had turned their guns on them. But James and a nearby frying pan saved Rocks life, giving James a new found respect and rank in the gang.
Being in the hole of the prison James gets the attention of an inmate who is played by Ving Rhames who ends up being a mentor of some sort.

James pulled away from jail mates then sticking to himself and heading more to writing and reading.

This is a movie that I suggest to anyone to see. It shows that you don''t have to become your mistakes and as long as theres life theres hope, so never give up.