Get To Know: Our Last Night

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Our Last Night has been on the scene for years, bringing fans and audiences around the world some of the best post-hardcore music out there.

Originating in the heart of New Hampshire, Our Last Night is known to be one of the only bands or music artists to hit it big from their small state up north.

Originating in 2004, the band consists of Trevor Wentworth on vocals alongside brother Matthew Wentworth on guitar and vocals, Alex "Woody" Woodrow on bass and Tim Molloy on drums. In October of 2013, it was announced that the band was recording two new EP's due to their successful Indiegogo campaign. The band's decision to go independent was certainly one they are pleased with and proud of, and with their 'A Summer of Covers' EP and 'Oak Island' EP all recently released in the past few months, the band is only going to continue to soar through the industry.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Our Last Night during their stop in Pittsburgh while on tour. We had the chance to catch up on what they have in store for the coming year.

Read further and get to know Our Last Night.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: First, when and how did you guys first get your start in music?
OUR LAST NIGHT: We all just started playing, got together and started jamming. Trevor started with drums but then his drum teacher kept smoking cigarettes, and he would feel sick at the drum lessons so he stopped taking them (laughs). He was straightedge, he was ten.

He was more legit than any of the other ten year-old straightedge kids. Trevor just started screaming I guess, just as a joke.

Then we did a high school performance. When we were in high school we all knew each other from playing a ton locally.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Who are some of your musical influences?
OUR LAST NIGHT: Ke$ha, it's so hard to say. Back in the day it was more Underoath, August Burns Red, stuff like that. Personally, we've grown out of that stuff, so now a lot of pop. One Republic, Coldplay, The Fray are some of our favorite bands.

We also love Ke$ha, she's got some hype songs, some bangers. We like a lot of pop music and I think we incorporate it in a way into our music.

Our Last Night sounds a certain way.

It sounds energetic with guitars, but a lot of the songs have a lot of cool and catchy songwriting. Maybe that's why we sound different than other bands, doing stuff that you wouldn't really incorporate into music.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What has been your most memorable experience while touring and performing?
OUR LAST NIGHT: Going to Japan for the first time, traveling all the time and going to different places. Seeing your fans sing your songs but with a different accent. One time we were in Belgium performing at a really tiny venue that ended up being packed.

I remember playing our songs and their heavy Belgian accents, really loud over our music. They were singing the right words, but with really strong accents. That was pretty memorable.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry, who would it be?
OUR LAST NIGHT: Definitely someone outside of our little scene. Songwriting wise, One Republic. The singer and songwriter, Ryen Tedder, he is really talented.

He has written so many good songs and does all kinds of different styles.

Some of those styles are dark, but it would be a longshot for us to work with him, but it would definitely be cool. We should make it happen in 2014.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What advice would you give to young artists looking to succeed in the music industry?
OUR LAST NIGHT: Put out quality content. If your band is going into record your first few songs, EP or album, find someone who is going to work with your band well, just so you have good sounding songs. Record a captivating video to go along with it, fans want something to look at.

Work on your songs for a long time and don't record them until they are ready. Also, take a lot of suggestions from people, work with as many people as you can.

Sometimes it costs a lot of money, but do your best to save up. If you can just come right out of the gate with amazing, quality content, people are going to take you seriously right off the bat.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: In early November, you released 'Oak Island' - what have you learned from the releases of your other albums that you put into the works of this new album?
OUR LAST NIGHT: You can do it yourself! It is definitely possible to do it yourself, I mean we did it. It was really weird for this one though because it was rushed, but we knew that going into it. We got put on a tour, and decided it would be really cool to put out a release that would come out right around the time we went on tour. We decided it would be perfect to release it on that day.

We did a crowd funding campaign that went really well, and started writing and recording during that period. It all overlapped - we got the artwork done for the album before the songs were even done or mixed.

We finished mixing the songs a week before it was supposed to be out, all overlapping. Luckily we did good enough planning for it to all work out right at the end.

EMPTYLIGHTHOUSE: And how long was that total process?
OUR LAST NIGHT: We started demoing two months before it came out. We had some ideas, almost two songs fully thought out. But then we just whipped out a bunch right at the end and at the last minute. It all came together and it's definitely possible to do. When you're on a label, they have so many other bands they are trying to release, but they will only want to do one release a month and you keep getting pushed back.

Since we're not on a label, we can release whenever we want. And we made sure to do all the promotion leading up to it.

We were promoting as we were recording and finishing up. You just need to plan correctly and hope that it all works out fine.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: In 2014, what can we expect in regards to recording, releases and more tour dates from Our Last Night?
OUR LAST NIGHT: We are touring all the way into March right now. We will probably do some more covers, and those work really well for us.

We're giving the EP a little time to soak in before we hit the covers again. We are also putting out an acoustic EP, which we will probably start recording in March and release in April or early May.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Anything else you would like to add?
OUR LAST NIGHT: If you haven't checked out 'Oak Island', be sure to check it out!

For more information on Our Last Night and to take a listen to their newest EP 'Oak Island', head over to and

Be on the lookout for more releases from the guys come springtime!