Get To Know: Pantyraid

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PANTyRAiD is an electronic collaboration between Josh (Ooah) and Marty (MartyParty). Together they have written and produced a handful of sexy and hot & bothered hard hitting dance floor singles that "make you want to move and get naughty".

The duo mixes a variety of genres into their work including hip-hop, dubstep, trip-hop, electro - whatever works and causes "booty shaking and making out".

This music producing duo is from Los Angeles and New York, and are completing their tour at the end of this month. After taking a two-month break, the two will be touring individually before beginning to work on a new PANTyRAiD album.

Empty Lighthouse had the opportunity to sit down with MartyParty of PANTyRAiD and talk further about the duo's upcoming plans together. Read further and get to know PANTyRAiD!

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What do you remember as your first inspiration for being a musician?
PANTyRAiD: When I first saw Jimi Hendrix play "Purple Haze" live at Woodstock on a documentary, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Following that, my greatest inspirations were Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and their songwriting. I've always been obsessed with the structure of a song and it came from these artists and how they affected me.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Name and explain the one thing you can't make music without.
PANTyRAiD: For the music I enjoy making the most, a computer! Haha, then at least one software synthesizer (any one) - and from that, you can make all your drums and sounds!

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What's the most crazy thing you've seen a fan do to get in a show?
PANTyRAiD: Many times fans have pretended to be press or journalists, but once I saw a fan pretend their whole way through an interview before we determined they were faking it from the get go.

Excellent work!

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: What's up next for you guys? When do we get to take home more PANTyRAiD music?
PANTyRAiD: We are touring through the end of November then we both take a short break in December and January. I am finishing up my new MartyParty album and releasing that around Christmas, then I have a MartyParty tour in February and March.

Josh has a Glitch Mob tour the same time. There will be tons of new music coming out and then we hope to write another PANTyRAiD album in the summer, and then tour it again.

EMPTY LIGHTHOUSE: Anything else you would like to add?
PANTyRAiD: Big shout out to our amazing tour manager, Darla Jean!

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