Freedom Rally ‘Hempfest’ makes you feel the love

Iwas very anxious to get to the Boston Common on Saturday.

Hempfest was taking place and this would be my first time attending. I did not know what to expect; all I knew was that there was going to be quite a few marijuana enthusiasts there.

As me and two of my friends leave a small cafe near the common, I can see numerous people walking towards the event. The excitement started to build. We walked over a hill and there I saw it: Hempfest. People on top of people on top of people, left and right, sitting on the grass, walking, smoking, socializing; I knew I was ready for a grand ol' time. My first reaction to when I saw the crowds of people was "Wow! There's so many different people here." The diversity in that common was massive and unforgettable.
My friends and I walked towards the grass so we could find a nice spot to sit and of course, spark one up. I observed everything that was going on around me. So many people, so many great vibes, and there was nothing but love in that common. Complete strangers greeted each other like they have history and kindness was shown everywhere.

It was great to see such joy and pleasure in the faces of people whom I did not know but felt already close with them just by being there. There was so much diversity but there was still a great sense of unity that it made me feel like I was on cloud nine (pun intended).

There were several live performers in different parts of the common, groups from all genres of music. They played music everyone could jam out to which enforced the diverse culture aspect of the festival. There were also all types of street performers and one of them definitely made my day much greater.

His name was Alex and he was a mastermind when it came to making crazy drumming beats with everyday items. While I was watching him, I observed his face and how into it he was which made us feel his performance even more.

And the grand finale of his performance? A fan, like myself, gave him a rolled marijuana joint as a tip and Alex of course gratefully accepted and lit it up! There were so many great moments just like this one at Hempfest, too many to write about.

But all I can say is that this event truly showed the essence of hemp culture. Even though we all came from different ones, this one culture brought us all together.