Film Flashback: The Education of Sonny Carson

The other night I was so bored and looking for something to do, to no avail I found nothing. So, I went to the google(as per usual) and I Googled "must see black movies of the 70's".

The results flooded in, a million blogs holding a million and one suggestions.

I combed through the list diligently and I saw some that seemed interesting and I saw some that seemed the opposite.

I came across one that seemed like it was my type of flick so I went to my source, a reliable source at that.

WWW.YOUTUBE.COM: as I started to type the words out I was worried that they might not have it.

So I typed quick so I could get the pain over with if I was disappointed but to my surprise they did have it. I started it immediately.

It started off in a store with some mischievous children in the process of stealing for a neighborhood store. They were equipped with a small plan and trouble in their eyes.

The beginning let me know that these youth were troubled and also let me know who was gonna be the star of the movie.

He started in the beginning as the ring leader and also the one with the most heart who went back to rescue his friend and then got arrested, so you knew this misfortune was gonna put him in the limelight for the film.

He went by the name of Sonny.

After his arrest, he did a stint in the juvenile jail, 13 years old serving three months. Being a movie connoisseur, I knew this wouldn't be a last time. He was released and placed back in the streets where he quickly joined a street gang. And joining that street gang would be where his long list of unfortunate events would start.

He had many a fights namely with the other gang from the neighborhood, the Hawks. The Hawks and the Lords develop a strong dislike for each other, brawl many times, get arrested and all other things that gangs of those days had to deal with.

The last brawl was where both crews decided to fight it out once and for all. This fight would be awesomely tragic as they fought and fought and in the end Sonny Lost one of his friends.

At the funeral they came in and they all had tears and looks of disappointment in their faces. Sonny felt like he had to do something for his friends funeral, so he headed to the nearby floral shop and set his interests a wreath he had seen but after the store clerk had informed him of the price he woke up to the reality that he didn't have enough. He then headed around the corner spotting a bike messenger, knowing it would be a good score for him to purchase the reef he robbed the scared messenger. Days after the crime, Sonny was picked up and charged. The judge remembered Sonny from his previous run ins with the law and sentenced him with a hefty sentence.

While Sonny was in prison, he developed a calm, even seeing one of the gold members he used to hang with, who gave him the run down on each member - none of which happened to be good news. After getting that news, a short time later his friend was killed. Sonny left jail a short time after and went home.

He was welcomed by family with open arms.

Shorty after he went on a walk seeing one of his friends from the gang who was now strung out on drugs.

Sonny seeing this reflected on his life and where he had been and decided to pull his self away from the streets.

This movie is a great vintage movie. GO see it when you have a chance.