Eric Roberson, anyone ever heard of him? No? Yeah, that's typical.

I was just like that about a year ago. Ive heard of him but never seeing him on tv or hearing him on the radio didn't make me want to google him or youtube him. Recently moving to NY, I spent a lot of my time with my mentor.
Getting to his house one day, he played song that would revolutionize the way i listen to music. He played this song that started in the most unorthodox way. It started with the taps of a snare and then went into an almost angelic voice. I was almost hooked. Then the words came in. He sang "she would sit and listen for hours as I played guitar, yo". It was then I was hooked. I became an Roberson fiend. He sang and sang that first verse with conviction. Smooth line and after smooth line adding yo at the end. Giving it a sultry but street vibe to the song. I needed more. Then I headed to google. Read his Bio and was wowed. But i still wanted to hear more music. To youtube it is. I put in Eric's name and I found another nugget of solid gold. It was a song called "Dealing" featuring one of my favourites Lalah Hathaway. i was in shock and I haven't even heard the song yet. I prepared myself and pressed play. ugh! A youtube commercial interrupted my chance of getting my high. So I waited. Then the song started to play. Eric started off the record with the words "where did we go from here".

*sigh* being a writer myself having conveying a message over music is beyond a dream. Every thing that Eric was saying was a perfectly painted picture. I was drawn in. All the way in. Then Lalah's part came on well executed. I expected nothing less from the great. Eric just got a new fan, maybe even a groupie. I had to find out some more. Thats when my googling skills came into play. I type in the name and I found out the basics. From New Jersey, ok cool. Next. Was signed to Warner Bros.

Alright. What else? He didn't just appear on the scene? Worked with Jill Scott? Are you for real? Who else? The list was deep. From Cam'Ron to 112 to Carl Thomas to Musiq SoulChild. He was a great.
The bittersweet thing about this is he's definitely not the only person to go through this. Be an awesome artist. Work. And be underrated.

The next pop sensation is being formed through these labels. Million dollar budgets, running wild in the streets and a real great is going unnoticed. Eric Roberson in my eyes is music.

What is missing. The missing piece of the puzzle. I hope he gets the credit he deserves soon. Eric, I salute you.