The Emmyzzzzzz: Boredom at its Best.

So I went home over the weekend to visit my mom in Toronto and it was awesome! The scary part about the visit is her calling me to watch the 65th Emmy awards. Wow, just wow.

Not because of the glitz and the glamour of previous Emmy shows or the talented guests in attendance, simply because of the bore. Doogie Howser has always been awesome on TV as the young talented doctor and a cool host in past shows but as the host of this one, negative. Some parts were a bit comical and the remembering of Edith Bunker (Jeanne Stepelton) from her on-screen son-in-law MEATHEAD (Rob Reiner) was amazingly moving. The performance from Sir Elton John in memory of Liberace; dope! Everything in-between was sleeper.
I wish a pre-recorded orchestra could speed up the show the way they do the beyond lengthy speeches. Award shows used to be fun. It used to feel like a room full of the talented having fun yet still showcasing their endless skill. Now it all seems like one big advertisement. One big, long, boring commercial, then it happens. The predictable, of course it was going to happen, the overdone dance number, yawn. The part where they attempt to revive the careers of people that we haven't heard from in forever. Someone rescue me please. Diahann Caroll subtle and sweet reminiscent comedy was beautiful standing beside an innocent yet sexy Kerry Washington. But as soon as that moment was stolen from under us, back to the boredom. A little of America's history sprinkled all over a hot steaming cake of z's. I think I'm an optimistic person, really optimistic.

But as the minutes went by the optimism couldn't breakthrough.
Almost like the comedy in this awards show. A brief change of the channel moved me into some of the best parts of the show Sir. Michael J. Fox, commercial and the announcement that they would be remembering one of my favorite actors. James Gandolfini. But then I'm hit with another drawn out dance number. A little bit more interesting but still the regular snore and bore.

And then I find out that all these nonsense dancing shows get awarded for Emmys too. WTF?! This must be some sort of bad dream. Even the award winner looked surprise when he won; Stephen Colbert won a couple well deserved awards. But the rest of it, a myth.

Then finally the best part of the show, the end. I would wish for the days of old but, I know they're not coming back so, let's hope for the best and expect for the worst.

Emmy's I'm unsubscribing. Your one time loyal supporter, signing off.