American Hustle: Reviewed.

The other night I caught myself watching the Golden Globes, I was worried. Because as of recent a lot of the award shows that Ive seen have been a bore and an extreme disappointment.

The dialogue, the characters, the over done everything are just passe for me. As the opening dialogue began I had a huge smile on my face. That smile turned into laughing and that turned into me howling and pounding the wall. I was happy. I heard about a lot of movies that Ive heard of from commercials and other advertisements but there were so many others that I hadn't heard of and told myself I had to watch and research. There was one name that kept popping up and something drew me to watching this movie. So, I did. The movie was called AMERICAN HUSTLE. The cast included Jennifer Lawrence, Amy adams, Bradley cooper, Christian Bale. Christian Bale was as a hustler by the name of Irving Rosenfeld who did anything for a dollar and there was a small but awesome role by one of my favourites Robert De Niro.
As the movie began I just felt like it was going to be awesome but I wasnt gonna be fooled. I watched attentively. Its commencement was in a fancy hotel suite. It looked like some type of government set up, and it was.

But how did we get here? I asked myself. The movie was going to be a play by play of how this mess was created, and it was created by Christian Bale's character being a con-artist and hustler. On his journey he met a fine young lady. The fine lady began spending time with the hustler(Christian Bale) and they developed an interest for each other. The movie progressed and so did the twists, finding out that Christian Bale had a wife and a child. The wife played by Jennifer Lawrence(who did an awesome job) playing a non-supportive, spoiled, manipulative wife who also ended up being one of the downfalls of her husband.
Christian Bale's character and Amy Adams character eventually developed a "working" relationship. They would scam people out of money and also sell fake art.

Irving Rosenfeld(Christian Bale) did good for himself but adding Sydney(Amy Adams) to the squad proved a lot more profitable. They scammed their way into the life of a federal agent played by Bradley Cooper. He offered them a way to get out of trouble by telling them they could co operate by setting up 4 others and they tried.

Getting as far as the mayor and some of his constituents. This movie has to be one of the best movies Ive seen in a long time.

With an awesome plot, climax and ending you will leave the theatre without feeling you've been hustled.