Connecticut Governors Race Starts To Get Nasty

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The election season is here and one of the stand outs in the governors race is the two men from Connecticut.

Dan Malloy, the current governor, and Tom Foley, the challenger, have done this all before.

Last election season, the two went head to head in one of the closest races of 2010, and of course Dan Malloy came out on top by only about 6,000 votes.

This year, Tom Foley again easily won the Republican bid for the governors race and the attack ads are starting to fly. Of course these days, the attack ads come from a lot of different directions.

And with open channels like YouTube, individual voices are influencing the election as well.

One of the most heated topics is businessman Tom Foleys experience with the Bibb Company. The Bibb company was a textile company that he took over, grew and then lost. He is being blamed with ruining a town and losing jobs.

Dan Malloy has been charging hard on this issue, but the scary part is that all of this happened in 1988.

To put that into perspective, back then a gallon of gas was 91 cents, Tom Hanks starred in 'Big', and the 'Game Boy' had not even been invented yet.

So maybe the two are grasping at straws a bit, but the arguments over Connecticut's high taxes, and past mistakes run high.

In a state that is #2 in a Gallup poll for people who want to move somewhere else, there is alot of work to do.