Comedy Pioneer Carol Burnett Visits the Howard Stern Show

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The Howard Stern show was graced by Carol Burnett, the comedy pioneer who had her own variety show quite similar Saturday Night Live.

Burnett talked about her childhood, raising her three children and of course what it was like behind the scenes of her show.

You could tell that Howard Stern was a little starstruck by having Burnett on the show because he said that as a kid he would have never thought he'd be sitting in a room with her, according to MarksFriggin.

Burnett was also there to talk about the "Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes" that have finally been made available to the public.

She told Stern that there were so rights issues when they were initially going to release the episodes which is why it's only making it's way out now.

"Howard said she had a tough childhood. Howard said her mother and father were both alcoholics. He said that her mom and dad went off to Hollywood and tried to be big players," according to the MarksFriggin rundown.

"Howard said they left her at home with her grandmother. Howard said that's such abandonment.

Carol said she loves her grandmother and they had a great time together. She said she didn't feel abandoned. Howard said she wouldn't do that to her own child."

Burnett shared the fact that she loved being with her grandmother who also loved having her around making it very easy for her to transition.

Burnett said that she wanted to be the perfect mother for her three daughters but she learned that in keeping them away from her when she was crying or having them hear her when she was arguing she was making a mistake.

She said it was almost as if she was putting on a show for them but they never cried or screamed either.

"Howard said Lyle Waggoner drives him crazy. He said he did 7 seasons and then quits. Howard said that's the biggest putz move of any human being," according to MarksFriggin.

"Carol said he went on to do Wonder Woman and he probably thought he was going to have a big career. Carol said she loves Lyle. She said he is so smart. She said he can do everything. She said she did miss him when he left.

Howard said being left has to be a hard thing for her. She didn't feel betrayed when Harvey left either.

She said they went to dinner after the 10th year and he had a chance to do his own show.

She said she missed him but you can't clip their wings. Carol said go with god and the best of everything."

Carol Burnett's Lost Episodes was detailed by USA Today in a piece where they chronicled her success and also got video commentary from Burnett, who talked about her favorite guests on the show. Burnett also spoke about her ambitions when she was younger like wanting to attend UCLA and her run in with a man who told her to help others out if she became successful back in 1954.

It was a charming interview with one of comedy's most amazing women. You can check out the full transcript here.