Comedian Steve Rannazzisi Talks Lying About 9/11 & More on Howard Stern

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Comedian Steve Rannazzisi lost a lot of things when he lied about escaping the 54th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center on September, 11, 2001.

Today, he visited the Howard Stern show to go over the complete story and being a star on The League.

Stern started the show by saying he wanted to understand the entire 9/11 lie that Rannazzisi told.

The story was broken by The New York Times and Rannazzisi said that he received the phone call out of the blue.

The lie caused Rannazzisi to lose his Buffalo Wild Wings ad campaign and a few of his fans as well.

"Howard asked if the lying was chronic. Steve said that they had something on his Wikipedia page that was wrong but he didn't put that on there," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said he didn't lie about the school then. Howard said he doesn't think of himself as a liar.

Howard asked if he thinks he's psychologically disturbed. Steve said he's not sure if that's the way to put it. He said he is seeing more about himself and how he's trying to make people like him."

Stern was really trying to dissect where the lie came from and find a possible justification of it all. It was a really well done interview in the terms of Stern's ability to work as a psychologist in a way.

Rannazzisi said that he didn't move to Los Angeles with the intent of telling this lie about 9/11.

"He said he was sitting at the Comedy Store and people asking if he was there on 9/11. He said that you have like 15 seconds to say that's not true," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said that if you pass that time then it becomes true.

Steve said he wishes he had that voice that he feels he has now to just know that you don't have to lie about that. He said he doesn't have that."

Stern related it to the Brian Williams situation where Rannazzisi said that he understands how fast thinks can get away from you.

Rannazzisi said that his wife had to go along with the lie because she had no choice. He also admitted that his wife was there in the city and did have to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. According to the MF report, the comedian said that in a way, he took his wife's story. Rannazzisi has not been fired from The League.

He says that accepting that he made a mistake is the only way for him to move on with his career. He also thanked Pete Davidson of SNL for being understanding.

Davidson's father did in fact die in the 9/11 attacks and he often brings it up in his comedy. Stern did commend Rannazzisi for coming in and talking about the story because of how sensitive the subject matter was.