Comedian Josh Haddon Makes Light Of A Dark Situation: 'The Funny Thing About Cancer'

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Comedian Josh Haddon is chronicling his battle against stage three esophageal cancer in a YouTube series titled, "The Funny Thing About Cancer."

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"The first of (hopefully) many episodes where I discuss my experience with cancer," writes Haddon in his description of the video series. "I have stage 3 esophageal cancer.

It is not localized. I am probably going to die. Let's laugh about it until I beat it or it beats me."

Haddon is a perfect example of someone taking a real funny approach in making a dark situation light. He is encouraging his viewers to laugh with him on a not so laughable journey which may be hard for some to do.

In his first video he says that he's live a life full of risks and has had the opportunity to travel and do many fun things.

He also makes sure to show his viewers his binder filled with the side effects of Chemotherapy which he has opted to try.

One of the side effects that he named is actually more cancer which he finds just as stupid as anyone else who watches his show. He is going through the treatment because of his family and his cancer is not localized meaning it can be found in other parts of his body.

Haddon has 95 percent chance on dying in the next 3 years according to his statement in episode one, but vows to do his best to fight the disease.

"I am 28 years old. A comedian and business owner. I am fighting cancer.

I would really appreciate you sharing and liking this video.

The majority of cancer patients I am meeting are so down and sad. I think finding the lighter side of this disease could really help people," writes Haddon in his video description.

Haddon is a man on a mission to not only beat cancer, but to inspire someone as well.

Many could learn from his outlook on life and that is why he also urges others watching to share his videos to help him beat cancer with positivity.

The message that he sends is "stop doing things you hate, stop planning for the future and start living life today."

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