College Humor Takes Adele's 'Hello' to A Hilarious New Height

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There were plenty of moments in Adele's "Hello" that could also be mistaken for fun.

The music video was even more strange as there were little quirks that many questioned, such as the outdated cellphone. College Humor worked a little magic and created a parody video revolving around "Hello."

The video starts out during a work presentation in which one of the workers is interrupted by the constant ringing of his phone. He finally answers and points out a few flaws in the communication between the ex-lovers.

He asks why she didn't text him and later on questions his co-workers to why Adele wouldn't send an e-mail at least.

He is interrupted once again by a call and is surprised to hear that Adele is in California instead of England.

Meanwhile the real humor comes when Adele calls from the oceanside and it becomes a bit difficult for the man to hear her. That's when the chorus kicks in and Adele says "hello from the outside" but she is just told to go inside so that the connection is better. It's one of the many parodies of a song that has been topping the charts from the time it was released.

There have been two immediate reactions one being annoyance from hearing it so much and the other is clearly popularity.

It's safe to say that in a couple of years the song is probably going to end up being a lot of people's guilty pleasure, that is, if it hasn't already. Check out the parody video below.

Check out the hilarious parody video of Adele's "Hello" below.

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