College Final Exams: Imagine Taking Them Naked

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It's that time of the year again.

The birds are chirping, the green leaves are flourishing, and professors all over the country are handing students their final exams.

If you've got a case of finals-decay, just be happy you aren't in Professor Dominguez's art class at UC San Diego.

According to CNN, the professor has instituted part of the requirement to pass the class as appearing naked. Yes, you heard that right.

The professor claims that it gives the students an new opportunity for canvas art and performance art, but the requirement has parents and students alike up in arms.

The professor says he has been requiring this for 11 years, and as a special bonus for all the naked students, the professor will be naked too.

Admittedly, the professor does make it clear before taking the class that this would be a requirement, though it's obvious that that fact missed some students.

It makes sense for college courses to push the limits of what is acceptable in the world, otherwise we would have courses in grocery shopping and paying bills. However, the idea that being naked is actually required is something far less acceptable.

This kind of a project sounds a lot like an optional add-on to a more involved final exam process.

If we had to guess, it sounds like given the new media attention that this may not be a requirement for next years course.

As for the professor himself, he is a performance artist, so the best guess is that he is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. He also seems to be well liked amongst his students.