Colin Farrell Attempts To Explain Donald Trump's 'Grab' Fiasco

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One of Ellen DeGeneres' friends, Colin Farrell, visited The Ellen Show and the topic of discussion was pretty hilarious. Farrell explained to DeGeneres how he clarifies the election details for his kids.

DeGeneres welcomed Farrell to the stage and they took turns exchanging compliments before diving into the amount of sleep they have. DeGeneres gave up drinking coffee and she is actually having withdrawals.

Farrell gave up smoking for two years but he had one cigarette that started it all over again. He is now thinking that he may try again in the next three months.

The interview was filled with random fun including the signature kiss between the two and a random happy birthday wish from Farrell to DeGeneres, though, it isn't her birthday. The actor also chatted about his birthday celebration which included dinner with friends in Malibu.

Farrell has two sons and his younger son Henry was very into the upcoming election. However, now he is over it and he wants to know why everyone is being so mean to each other.

He didn't care for Donald Trump's thoughts on Mexicans and just recently, the "grab her by the p***y," comment that has been making headlines had to be explained to Henry in a more child-friendly manner. Farrell said that he told his son Trump was being mean to kittens and he kept grabbing them.

It was definitely another memorable interview with Colin Farrell and Ellen DeGeneres, which you can watch in the video below.

Colin Farrell's Attempts To Explain Donald Trump's 'Grab' Fiasco

Colin Farrell is here tomorrow. Pucker up.

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