CM Punk Could Be Starring In A Professional Wrestling TV Drama

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Many people might consider professional wrestling to already be a TV drama, but a new traditional TV show is in the works and it could star none other than CM Punk.

The trend of professional wrestlers becoming actors continues if CM Punk is able to land the role.

This comes from an exclusive report by PWInsider. The show is called 'Heels' and is being produced by The Starz Network and ParamountTV. The premise of the show are about two brothers working in a wrestling promotion shortly after their father's death. One brother is a babyface (good guy) and the other is a heel (bad guy).

It will be a fictional drama looking at the life of the brothers both inside and outside of the wrestling ring.

It could be similar to the movie 'The Wrestler' where mainstream audiences got a chance to witness the tough life that some professional wrestlers have to go through day in and day out.

It has been learned by PWInsider that CM Punk impressed casting directors so much, they are considering him for the role of the heel brother named Jack Spade. The producers originally wanted Henry Cavill and Jack Reynor for the roles, but plans fell through.

It's possible Henry Cavill is too busy even though this series is going to last for only 8 episodes long.

At this stage, only a pilot has been written for the show. It might be a long time until this TV show starts production. However, this is good news if CM Punk is able to land the role.

The man quit the WWE back in 2014. His UFC career seems to be going nowhere after he lost his first and only fight last year. Acting could be a better career choice than MMA at his age.

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