Cinema Marriage Proposal To MAGIC!'s 'Rude'

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It's probably fact now that some of the best proposals happen with the expression of music. The latest talked about proposal is by an Australian guy who made his own music video to the MAGIC! song, "Rude."

Big marriage proposals have been a trend, from that time a guy shut down his whole road in a performance of Bruno Mars "Marry Me," and the invention of flashmob. Music has always been a main contributor for a flashy proposal.

It's really sweet and nice to watch someone express their love for another person and ones that are video taped are always wide-spread.

The video was posted by Liam Cooper, the proposer and now soon to be groom. He took his girlfriend, Amy, on what, for her, seemed to be an average date to the movies.

However, after the credits there was a surprise video in store. Cooper's home made music video featuring a few of their friends and the girlfriend's father made an appearance on screen.

The video is a lovely three-way of the music video, Amy's reactions, and Cooper getting ready to pop the big question at the end of the video.

Amy, says yes and celebrates with the large group of family and friends that were allowed in during the proposal. The video ends with a message from the band, MAGIC!.

Aussie guy proposes to girlfriend in packed cinema. Best wedding proposal EVER!