Chris Pratt Gets Pranked By SA Wardega (Mutant Dog-Spider Creators)

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He might be the star of last weekends huge box office hit "Jurassic World," but Chris Pratt's experience with fake dinosaurs didn't seem to prepare him for this surprise prank from the SA Wardega YouTube team.

(Video Below)

One minute Pratt is just walking down a lonely hall with his crew administering instructions and the next thing he knows, he's the victim of a SA Wardega prank.

These are the same folks that brought you the mutant dog-spider prank but it seems as if they have upgraded significantly from that prank.

Pratt has been receiving a ton of praise for his role in "Jurassic World," which follows up "Guardians of The Galaxy," with it's box office success.

In the video below, Pratt walks down a hallway with his crew when out of nowhere a fake raptor jumps out at him sending him into a bit of a shock. He eventually met the creators of the prank and expressed how scared he was at first.

He also seems to be a fan of Wardega's spider-dog prank as he commented, "that thing is f**kin awesome.

Sylwester Adam Wardega is the man behind the prank and the channel that specifies in scaring the crap out of people.

Pratt has reportedly signed on for two more "Jurassic World" films according to VanityFair. Check out the Chris Pratt prank below.

Check out the video of Chris Pratt getting pranked below.