Chris Pratt French-Braids Hair During Guardians of the Galaxy Interview

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Thought you had mad skills? Chris Pratt puts you to shame.

During a Guardians of the Galaxy publicity interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chris Pratt showed off his -- really quite skillful -- handiwork.

Apparently the 35-year-old television and movie star posted a photo to his Instagram of a french braid he gave his wife, actress Anna Faris, and E.T. grabbed the opportunity to give an intern her 15 minutes of fame.

"This is really embarrassing," Pratt said, while weaving the intern's hair, but what does he have to be embarrassed about? There's nothing quite so nice as a guy who can and will do your hair for you (especially if it comes out well).

Watch the video below and tell us: would you let Chris Pratt braid your hair?

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