Chris Gayle challenges Dan Bilzerian for King of Instagram and Twitter

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Cricket is all the rage now (at least in part of the world) and Chris Gayle exemplifies a new type of star for the sport.

He has used the fame acquired on the pitch to attempt to challenge for a non-sporting crown.

Gayle is stepping up and challenging international playboy Dan Bilzerian to be the proverbial king of Instagram and Twitter.

Bilzerian, the ex-Navy SEAL turned professional poker player, has had his run at Instagram for quite awhile now.

His gun-toting pictures which are filled with models and money are enough to make everyone at least a little bit jealous and he knows it.

Gayle is a professional Cricket player for the West Indies, which normally would not garner much attention, but he isn't just a professional Cricket player for the West Indies.

Like Bilzerian, Gayle likes to party with scantily clad women who most men don't even get to see in person let alone associate with.

Take a look for yourself:

Gayle seems pretty down to Earth, a little more approachable than Bilzerian. He talks to his fans via Twitter frequently and even gave some dating tips, reports Fox Sports. Whether his personality can rival Bilzerian's remains to be seen.