Chris Brown And Mike Epps Have An Old Fashion Crip Walk Battle

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One celebrity known for being a top dancer and the other for just being downright comedic, however Chris Brown and Mike Epps "crip walk" battle was a little closer than some might expect.

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In a video posted to, Brown and Epps faced off in a very brief crip walk battle. Brown was up first and showed off his dance skills then broke into the famous dance move.

When Epps started the viewer may expect a comedic performance, however, if you're being completely honest with yourself Epps has the moves down.

The winner of this one is clearly Epps as he stuck to the actual move without straying away from the real way that the walk is done. However, Brown is known as an exceptional dancer in the music industry especially when it comes to a freestyle format.

That is exactly what enabled him to star in films such as "Stomp The Yard" and most recently "Battle of The Year," featuring Josh Peck. Check out Brown and Epps' nifty dance moves below.

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