EDM Duo TV Noise Interview

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The breakout house duo TV Noise has been climbing up the EDM ladder and even played shows with the likes of Nicky Romero.

EDM music is gaining global popularity everywhere much like TV Noise. The two DJ's from the Netherlands met through mutual friends and started combining their musical ideas to make heart-pounding music.

TV Noise gives Empty Lighthouse a sneak peek into their start and future endeavors as they continue to rock sets worldwide.

o When did you realize that this was the kind of music you wanted to make? How did the group form?

"That was a while ago, like 4 years or something! We really liked house music and especially the harder stuff, and then we decided to make it by ourselves.

We knew each other from school, we couldn't dance and we like house music."

o Do you have any inspirations behind the music you make?

"Yes, like new house music is inspirational. But other genres like hip-hop and stuff are great as well to get inspiration."

o How are you different from other artists that make the same genre of music that you make?

"We don't care about 'rules'; we are just making the music we like to make!"

o Do you enjoy playing your sets live?

"Of course, playing your own track and favorite tunes in front of people is awesome!"

o What is the most interesting place you have visited?

"New York was crazy! The energy over there is insane!"

o What do you enjoy the most about being a musician?

"Doing what we like the most, making music and making people happy with our music."

o What was it like to play the same venue as someone like Nicky Romero?

"It was great; it's an honor if a big DJ and inspiration is asking you to play at his party!"

o What can we expect for the future from TV Noise?

"We have lot of new music and touring all over the world. We love our fans!"