Choose an Ad for the SuperBowl

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The big game is less than three weeks away now and Sunday is the day for the AFC and NFC Championships.

Doritos is well known for the big time ads over the past years. In previous years they have chosen to let fans create their ads for them.

The winner of this years contest is going to win 1 millions dollars and a dream job at Universal Studios.

The Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest is in full swing and there are 10 ads for you to choose from. Everyday you can go to the contest site and vote for your favorite.

Only one vote per day until the big game in 11 days. Conveniently enough they've got a countdown clock going.

There are a great array of commercials that fans from across the country and even one from England have come up with. From kids running a Doritos auction to a man throwing a girl off a roof.

In previous years fans have produced some memorable ads that must be considered classics.

(Below the submissions from last year)

How it works is Doritos allows its fans to download a series of songs and effects that allow creators out there to make a commercial.

Then they pick ten for the public to vote on and the winners get the big game air time.

Something cool this year that they've added is the Face-o-rater which watches your reactions from the submissions this year.

Based on how much you smile or don't will tell you which ad you thought was the most enjoyable. My personal favorite is below.

I gotta figure the man child spot has a chance to win this year. All that is left to do is wait for the big game and see which ads won. Head over to to vote.