'Chicago PD' Season 2 Premiere: Who is behind Jin's Murder?

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On tonight's second season premiere of NBC's "Chicago PD" the officers of the Chicago Police Department was shaken up as the murder investigation of Officer Sheldon Jin began.

Last season ended with Officer Jin's being found by Sergeant Voight, who is now under scrutiny by Internal Affairs. The episode kicks off with Voight being questioned by the Internal Affairs board, and it is obvious they believe he may be a dirty cop. The Internal Affairs division doesn't want Voight's unit to be investigating the murder, much to their displeasure.

In a burst of emotion he tells his officers to just let it be and do their jobs. IA sergeant Stillwell informs Voight and Detective Olinsky that Jin's murder may likely walk because of a problem with the DNA evidence.

During a police escort masked gunmen arrive and a violent firefight engages in the street as masked gunmen heist $40,000, leaving a cop, an innocent worker, and a heist crew member dead. Dawson uses one of his informants to start investigating the heist, and she plays a major role in their success.

Olinsky is taking the heist from earlier to heart, and takes matters into his own hands, confronting the man he believes to be behind it.

Unfortunately for Olinsky one of the people he talked with regarding was heist was found dead.

Detective Halstead received a mysterious package, which upon showing Detecive Lindsay, was a letter from Jin. Halstead thinks he may be onto some sort of corruption, and that Jin was working with IA, which is what might have gotten him killed.

Halstead shows Voight Jin's message, and Voight uses this information to confront Stillwell, saying that he is onto him and believes he is behind Jin's murder.

Halstead and Voight both want to see Stillwell burned, but Halstead believes that Voight may be involved in Jin's murder as well. Stillwell is arrested for the murder of Officer Jin, and Voight c

Meanwhile Officer Burgess put in a request for a new partner, and was given Officer Sean Roman. He reveals that he knows information about the dead crew member, and he quickly as a positive impact on the investigation, but seems like he may have a shady past.

He is able to successfully stop a perp on the run who was involved in the heist, and Lindsay and Halstead interrogate him, and they receive a lot of information regarding that case.

The police use this perp for an undercover mission with the people behind the heist, and it goes awry. Halstead shoots and kills one suspect, while Olinsky is able to apprehend and cuff the leader of the crew behind the money heist.

Meanwhile Voight has a meeting with the police chiefs, and he meets privately with Chief O'Leary, handing him information that belonged to Jin.

Voight was able to beat the suspension, seemingly because of the inside information he knows.

However with good news come bad news, and Olinsky reveals to Halstead that there is now a $100,000 hit on him for killing the criminal during the undercover mission.

The next episode of "Chicago PD" airs Wednesday, Oct. 1st at 10 p.m. on NBC.