'Chicago PD' S2 Ep. 2 Recap: Shotgun Killing Spree

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On tonight's new episode of "Chicago PD" Voight recruited some of his top detectives to investigate a murder that hit him on a personal level.

The city of Chicago and its police department might be dealing with a possible serial killer who not murdered not only a long-time friend of Sergeant Voight, but also another man in the same fashion.

Voight was taking this case really hard, and he relied on Detectives Ruzek, Dawson, Halstead, and Lindsay, who were all determined to help in the investigation.

The details of both murders matched almost identically, they were killed by a single shotgun blast to the face.

The detectives used their smarts to get more information and bring up possible suspects, and Dawson and Halstead pursued a potential suspect.

However while questioning that potential suspect another victim killed in the same gory fashion was found, and Lindsay and Detective Olinsky arrived on scene and found a woman locked in the trunk of the car next to the body, which ended up being her father.

Lindsay questioned the girl and was able to get physical details about the killer so the police could come up with a sketch. She seemed determine to help the police find the killer, and Ruzek took a special note to make the girl feel comfortable.

They were able to get the sketch and found it strikingly similar to the son of a former potential suspect, one who owned a dry-cleaning business that was being shaken down by the victims.

The detectives and Voight questioned the father, who believe sent his son to do the dirty work.

They found out that his son saw first-hand how his father was being abused the men and took it upon himself to claim justice.

The detectives and Voight pursued a potential fourth victim, a crime boss and personal acquaintance of Voight. As they arrived they heard gunshots, which were exchanged between the crime boss and the killer; the killer was able to injure his victim but fled the scene after holding Halstead at gunpoint.

The detectives were in hot pursuit of the kid, who stole a car and made his way to the hospital room where his mother was checked in. Halstead was able to talk him down and apprehend him.

The episode concludes with a gunman bursting into a bar and shooting at Halstead and Lindsay as they shared drinks, hitting the bartender.

The gunmen is a potential person out to kill Halstead, who still has the $100,000 hit on him from the season premiere.

The next episode of "Chicago PD" airs Wednesday, Oct. 8th at 10 p.m. on NBC.