'Chicago Fire' S3 Ep. 3 Recap: Crash, Blame, Burn

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Tonight's new episode of "Chicago Fire" an intense blame-game was played as Firehouse 51 and the Austin Firehouse trucks crashed en route to responding to a fire.

As the trucks from each firehouse raced, literally, to the fire, the Firehouse 51 truck, Truck 81, was T-boned by the Austin truck. The aftermath was messy as both trucks lay in the street and the firefighters badly hurt, both physically and mentally.

Severide and his truck members were the first on scene, with Dawson and Brett showing up for assistance.

Of course it was only a mater of time until blame was being thrown about as firefighters from each truck were quick to accuse the other.

It was revealed that Truck 81 blew a redlight on the way to the fire. The Truck 81 driver, Cruz, may potentially be accused of manslaughter if the driver from the other truck, who is currently on life support, dies.

Both members from the different firehouses met in the hospital coincidentally, and despite Cruz's best attempts to bring peace, the Austin Firehouse guys continued their blame assault on the Truck 81 crew.

Cruz's driving privileges were revoked until further notice because of his pending investigation.

Luckily for Truck 81 and all of Firehouse 51 the other driver recovered, thus Cruz would be avoiding criminal charges.

And even better for their truck and firehouse the driver admitted that they were in the wrong for the accident, thus clearing Truck 81 of all charges.

Meanwhile, Boden helped Dawson get her badge and join Truck 81, something she has been craving for awhile now. Mills learned even more about his past and his future.

Last week he met his father and didn't like what he found, but tonight he met his grandfather and the two shared an emotional, yet positive introduction.

He wasn't sure if he wanted to be a firefighter anymore, but felt bad because his father and grandfather were both firefighters. Dawson's promotion onto Truck 81 opened up a paramedic spot for Mills, who seems excited to fill the position.

The next episode of "Chicago Fire" airs Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 10 p.m. on NBC.