'Chicago Fire' S3 E2 Recap: Severide's Struggles

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Tonight's new "Chicago Fire" a severely distraught Severide returned to Firehouse 51 still struggling with the death of Shay.

Last week's season premiere Severide struggled with the death of his partner at work and in life, and during his leave of absence he went AWOL, only to be found later by Casey. Tonight, during a rescue mission to save a girl trapped in a car he took over the mission and went to save the girl, showing signs he may be himself again. However away from the firehouse Severide the image faded as he was still clearly distraught, even drinking by himself at a bar.

Severide let his drunkenness get the best of him in front of Brett, who has a striking resemblance to Shay.

He is clearly struggling to keep his life together and unfortunately may be heading down a dark road.

He messed up a date with Detective Erin Lindsay from "Chicago PD," and she agreed to only see him as a friend to help him through his dark times.

Dawson, meanwhile, was looking forward to her candidacy at the Austin Firehouse. She failed her first attempt at the physical test, and tonight she was given another try. Casey was there behind her the whole way as she trained, and during one session he romantically placed a ring for her to see; she accepted the proposal and the two spent a passionate and intimate night together.

Dawson told Brett, but asked her to keep it a secret because of the conflict of Dawson and Casey working together. Dawson also found out bad news as she her transfer to 105 was denied.

Meanwhile the lives of other firehouse members were progressing in different ways. Mills uncovered more information about his family, which he had been searching for for awhile; unfortunately for Mills he didn't like what he found.

Herrmann found new ways to improve business a Molly's by including other firefighters into the ownership and business end of it, which proved to be a great success.

Boden and his wife found out they are expecting a child, which has been put under the high-risk category.

The next episode of "Chicago Fire' airs Tuesday, Oct. 7th at 10 p.m. on NBC.