Johnthony Walker: Who Is The Alleged Chattanooga Bus Driver?

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Only hours ago, there was a terrifying school bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The horrific incident is a top story all over the news. But what is known about the driver? According to Alana LaFlore of News Channel 9, as well as Eric Egan, the driver is 24 year old Johnthony Walker.

1) At least at the beginning, the alleged bus driver, Johnthony Walker, was cooperating with investigators. However, later, according to Dan Kennedy of NC5, he did obtain a lawyer. Kennedy also says that the driver had his blood tested.

2) The bus is run by a company named Durham, which consented to have any videos from the bus searched, according to Kennedy. Their website is here, but it appears to be down at the moment.

3) The alleged bus driver, Johnthony Walker, was arrested, according to the police chief. Some are claiming that he was drunk, but that has NOT been confirmed.

4) Johnthony Walker appears to have graduated from Brainerd High School in Chattanooga in 2011.

5) According to ACS Engineering, the first questions to be asked are about bus maintenance and driver training. According to them, both point to management issues.

6) It seems that Johnthony Walker was studying graffiti art before graduating. Here are some of his alleged works:

7) Does Johnthony Walker have a Facebook or Twitter? It does not seem like he does, although we are looking.

There are three Facebook accounts with the name Walker who attended Brainerd High in Chattanooga. None of these appear to be Johnthony Walker.

8) Johnthony Walker was charged with 5 counts of vehicular manslaughter. Other charges may be added later.

9) The bus that Walker drove was for Woodmere school, which had students from kindergarten to fifth grade.

10) You can watch the Chattanooga Police Department's news conference discussing him here:

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