Charlize Theron Talks The Fate of The Furious and More On The Ellen Show

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Charlize Theron has joined the Fast and Furious franchise and the latest film The Fate of The Furious is set to hit theaters this week.

The actress stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about her kids, dating and her on screen kiss with Vin Diesel.

Theron joined DeGeneres on the stage and the first question was what her kids' stance on glitter was. Her kids are for more glitter but DeGeneres and Theron said they are against it because kids like way too much glitter.

Theron said she doesn't buy it but it's always on the costume dresses and princess dresses.

Theron told her kids that they are really good and she appreciates them, saying that the house is really theirs and she is happy to live in it.

The actress joked that she has a village to help her with her kids, however, her kids work with each other. She said that when one freaks out the other does as well. She feels that maybe kids would be considerate and stay quiet while the other one freaks out, however, they aren't like that.

Theron admitted that Chelsea Handler, who was on the show earlier in the week, explained a dating app to her.

Theron took interest but admitted that it's really awkward. She said she is still single because she prefers a friend hooking her up with someone or the old fashioned way.

Later on in the show, DeGeneres pointed out that Vin Diesel keeps talking about the kiss they have in the film. She said Diesel has been raving about the kiss, yet he is being forced to kiss her.

Theron doesn't understand why he has had such a good time. You can check out Charlize Theron's visit to The Ellen Show in the videos below. The Fate of The Furious hits theaters everywhere on Friday, April 14.

Charlize Theron Talks The Fate of The Furious and More On The Ellen Show