Chargaux Violin Cover of 'Shake It Off' Is Better Than Taylor Swift

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Remember when Taylor Swift was a country star? After you listen to violinist duo Charly and Margaux--best known as Chargaux--perform a cover of Swift's recent pop hit "Shake It Off," you'll wish she stuck with that Southern twang.

The pair totally rock out an ethereal version of "Shake It Off" and turn it into a regular orchestral masterpiece. It's as gorgeous as the pair are together. (Isn't that background tapestry wicked fab?)

Take a listen for yourself. The lighthearted beauty is nearly indescribable, and seriously knocks Swift's beats out of the water.

The Inquistor wrote: "Chargaux seems to be excited that their video is getting them so many hits, hopefully leading people toward their other material.

The band tweeted this message early Sunday morning to express their gratitude for people who had shared the video."

Swift isn't the only pop single the duo have tackled. Chargaux took their violin talents to Tove Lo's "Stay High" and Sam Smith's "I'm Not the Only One." These renditions can be found at their fairly new YouTube channel.

You can listen to more of their original work at their Soundcloud account, such as their EP "Broke and Baroque."

The pair met at the Berklee School of Music in Boston before moving to Brooklyn, New York.

There they performed in the subway, and contributed a string arrangement for Kendrick Lamar's "Don't Kill My Vibe." In addition to creating soulful ear candy on the fly, for themselves, for studio albums and films, the ultra talented ladies exhibit visual art.

No wonder they're better than T. Swift.