The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II Episode 2 Recap

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On the Challenge more craziness in the household as well as in the arena. These exes are really starting to go for each others throats. But tonight especially each others hearts. A very dangerous game to say the least.

Their exes forced to watch endless amount of flirting. Tonight it was Zach and Jenna going at each other while Jay and Jonna watched from afar.

Of course those aren't couples in fact they're the exact flip flop of exes. "I'm done dating guys like Jay," seems pretty straightforward.

Avery broke down at the thought of Johnny flirting with other girls, especially Nany. He quickly fired back and made the point it was Avery that cheated first. The girl is always going to get the sympathy, right?

Tonight is was series of challenges to get around the bases. The first base if you will was a race to move a piece of paper by kissing. CT was certainly excited to get close with Diem.

Avery and Johnny were at the bottom. Not a surprise really that these two are heading to the Dome after the previous night's flirtatious complications.

Next the couples competed to run to second and unhinge a set of balls and shaft. Specifically two baseballs and a bat. Zach and Leroy held back their counterparts in this challenge and were eliminated.

Onto third base and the couples who remained had to lick clean a board of peanut butter to reveal a series of numbers.

Jenna wasn't happy with the peanut flavor and the team was forced to give up. CT and Diem on the other hand held nothing back and destroyed third base.

In order to hit a homer with their exes the couples had to stick poles together and come together in order to fit. Nany and the appropriately names Bananas walked away winners.

The two conspired and came to the realization that Wes and Theresa was the correct choice to send to the Dome.

Nany felt betrayed by Theresa because on the previous season she defended her. But now Theresa is talking bad about Nany and Wes is all too aware of the risk this now presents.

It looks like it could be an early exit for the veterans.

In the end though Tom and Hailey were pitted against Johnny and Avery. Nany and Bananas decided it was too early to send a power couple like Wes and Theresa in.

In the dome the couples were banded together and asked to work together in order to reach the opposite end of the arena. Communication seems to be a key in a lot of these challenges. The girls stretched out first because there was more slack on the rope.

Avery was the first to reach the block. Which in turn sent Johnny into a frenzy and quickly reached Avery.

Now that the couples are fighting to avoid exile instead of elimination there is an added sense of nervousness. Hailey and Tom will now meet Dustin and Jessica in Exile.

Dustin and Jessica lost to the rookies Adam and Brittany last week.

In exile Dustin was happy to share his feelings and show off the new "exile house." Obviously not as nice as the normal house.

But to stay alive with a chance at 250k when normally you'd been back home must be nice.

With the couples going hard in all areas of the competition it is certainly interesting to see the complexities that the exile brings to the table. Dustin and Jessica weren't too happy to be out of the competition.

Not to mention the fact that the exile house is a bit lonely.

Fan favorites still must deal with the two deaths on the cast this year. Both Diem and Ryan continue to be mourned every episode they appear. The producers and MTV will make sure they aren't shown in a bad light.

As news is now coming to light the editors were still at work when the two passed away. Diem expressed a lot of pain in tonight's episode and was sidelined with cramps.

(Tribute to Diem Brown Below)

Tune in next week at 11pm for The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II on MTV.