'Catfish' MTV: 'Whitney & Bre' Recap, The Ultimate Catfish?

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What may be the most shocking episode of "Catfish" takes place tonight as Nev Schulman and Max Joseph investigate the strange relationship between Whitney and Bre. Is Whitney being 'catfished' or is it Schulman and Joseph.

Episode eight of the fourth season starts out just like any other episode of "Catfish," where Schulman and Joseph read the story of Whitney and how she met Bre (Twitter Link). Whitney is a 27-year-old from Brooklyn, New York and is conducting an extremely long distance relationship with Bre from Los Angeles, California.

The relationship is described as an on again off again one which for the avid "Catfish" viewer might be a little weird.

Normally the episodes talk about a solid relationship where the two parties care enough to stay together despite distance or never meeting in real life.

Whitney says that she met Bre on a website called DownLink. She says that Bre made her feel special more than anyone else has. She works at Wendy's as a closer and says she is the breadwinner in the family.

If they were close, Whitney says they would without a doubt be together. The red flags are raised when Bre won't video chat after four years of speaking back and forth.

Bre won't even friend her on social media, making it difficult for Whitney to figure out where they stand.

Whitney also says that money plays a big role in Bre not being able to come to NY, however, she wants to know if their love is true love or not.

The guess head out to New York to meet with Whitney and get to know her in person. Whitney is a little star-struck when she meets Schulman and Joseph. They ask her why she is in love with someone all the way in LA when there are plenty of people in NY. Whitney says either Bre will move out to NY or she will move out to LA. Bre is actually an exotic dancer, according to Whitney but stopped to return to school. Schulman and Joseph think that it's funny that she only have two photos of Bre who clearly puts her body out there.

Whitney says that she would be crushed if she spent four years trying to talk to someone who doesn't care. She knows that Bre could be one of 38 people who sent her a friend request while she distanced herself after a death in the family. Schulman and Joseph volunteer to go through her friends list and try to pick Bre out.

The guys get down to work in their hotel room and they know that it has to be a woman.

They realize that Bre is lying about the Wifi connectivity and also finds out that Bre does not look like the girl in the photos Whitney had.

Joseph suspects that Bre is using the photo of someone she knows to either play a prank or give the wrong idea.

They decide to contact the woman in the photo to see if she can shed some light onto why her photo is being used by another woman. They feel that Whitney will be disappointed when she realizes it's not the woman in the photo's she has, however, they still push on. The next day they guys receive an email and she says to call her when they can.

The woman does not know Whitney but she does know Bre and she knows that Bre was using her photo. They find the Facebook page of the real Bre but she and Whitney aren't friends.

They search Whitney's Facebook page and find a conversation between Whitney and Bre from 2011 to present. It seems like they know each-other and Schulman and Joseph find out that Whitney and Bre have in fact seen each other.

The men of "Catfish" find out that they've been catfished.

It looks like Whitney is using "Catfish" for a plane ticket.

They decide to make Whitney squirm and try to figure out her real motives behind wanting to be on "Catfish." They ask to meet up with Whitney to talk and find out more about the tricky situation.

Joseph and Schulman still believe that they are being catfished instead of Whitney. They meet again and the guys sit down and act like everything is normal. Whitney seems pretty nervous and the funny thing is she says that she only gives the truth and expects the same. She actually seems pretty nervous but isn't admitting to anything yet.

They bring up the Facebook page for Kash and Whitney seems surprised that Bre would lie to her. When they show her photos of the real Bre she still denies knowing who she is.

They show Whitney that she has in fact been talking to Bre and Whitney now looks a bit more nervous.

She continues to maintain her lies until finally she admits that Bre set the whole thing up herself and asked Whitney to play along. They lied to the show in order for the two of them to meet.

Joseph and Schulman flip the script on Whitney and gave her one last chance to tell the truth. Whitney says she wants to see Bre to make sure that if she does move to LA that they are truly meant to be together.

Money is the key factor in it all and the guys still need some time to figure out what's going to happen from here.

They will be talking to Bre so that they have both sides of the story to separate a love story from 15 minutes of fame.

Back in NY Schulman and Joseph call MTV and let them know the situation. The producers at MTV ask how Schulman and Joseph feel about the people. They actually felt pretty good about Whitney until she lied to them. The point to be made is, do they want to be the ones to deny two people the shot at a real love story or do they go on.

To make the decision, they call the real Bre and she admitted to coming up with the plan. They make it known that they are upset but she insists that she really just wants to meet Whitney in person to see if their relationship is real.

She breaks down on the phone and apologizes to Schulman and Joseph but it's all she could think of. The guys will have the final chat with Whitney and see if it's worth making this all happen.

At this point there is no way that MTV, Schulman, Joseph and their producers aren't going to go forth with helping Whitney and Bre meet. Yes they lied, however it looks like they are just two people who are desperate to see each other. That means that there is definitely a love story there.

In the final meeting, Whitney says she felt extremely bad lying to Schulman and Joseph. She apologized to the both of them and told them that she loves Bre.

Bre is the one person that helped her through tragedy and so much more. Joseph and Schulman will not deny Whitney and Bre a chance to finally met and they choose to bring them together.

The journey to the West Coast begins and Whitney is overcome with joy to have the opportunity to meet someone she loves. On a sunny day in California the moment comes and Whitney finally gets to meet Bre. Bre comes running down to Whitney and the two have an incredible reaction.

There is even a big kiss before Schulman and Joseph introduce themselves. Bre thanks the "Catfish" crew and apologizes at the same time as it looks like the start of something great.

Two months later the guys chat with Whitney who tells them that Bre will be on her wait to see Whitney in NY. Bre and Whitney learn that they should always be truthful and Schulman and Joseph seem satisfied with the result.

Wow an absolute shocker and something that actually sends Schulman and Joseph into somewhat of an anger/disappointment. Nonetheless, they showed just how good their skills as investigators really are.

It's very impressive to see how they worked tonight and it just might help them in the future. What will next week's episode of MTV's "Catfish" have in-store for viewers?