'Catfish' MTV: 'The Untold Stories Part 7' Recap, Cancer, Overdoses, and Money Launderers

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Today's MTV Catfish episode is a special "untold stories" episode, where Nev and Max show stories that didn't make the regular show, told by the people who lived them.

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Catfish 'Untold Stories' - Gabe and Kelly

We first meet Gabe, who meets a woman named Kelly on a dating app. Gabe, who was originally from Boston but had moved to New York, brags that he's 6'6" and can get any woman he wants.

Gabe finds out that Kelly is the daughter of a wealthy surgeon in Texas.

Gabe talks to Kelly for the first time about a week after meeting online. Gabe finds Kelly to be needy -- "she wanted to talk when she wanted to talk." While he doesn't like the neediness, he finds her attractive enough to continue talking.

Kelly tells Gabe that she is going to visit New York in the next week, and she starts to send naked pictures to him.

Right before she is about to leave for New York, Kelly tells Gabe that she has some news: Kelly claims that her mom has cancer. Gabe's friend convinces him to perform an image search on Kelly, and he finds pictures of a model from another country (who isn't named Kelly).

So he starts trying to figure out who Kelly really is. First, he looks up her phone number and finds complaints about her -- people said that she "ruined their lives."

Gabe finally tracks Kelly down -- she is a teacher, who was apparently married.

Gabe confronts her, and she continues to deny, so he takes screenshots of her husband's profile online, and sends them to her to scare her.

She begs Gabe not to cause trouble for her -- she says she's lonely and needs help.

For his part, Gabe now tries to find more real-life relationships.

Catfish 'Untold Stories' - Megan and Rose

Next, we meet Megan, from central Florida. She recalls being catfished in high school in 2008.

She discusses how she was bullied in high school, and she didn't get along with her mom.

Rose, the woman who catfished Megan, shows up next. She started catfishing when she realized that she was gay, and she felt she could not come out because her family and friends were religious and would not accept it.

Rose decides to pretend to be a guy named Tyler from California in order to meet women. Megan meets Tyler online, and immediately starts to like him.

She and Tyler talk all the time, and have lots of things in common. Tyler said he had a girlfriend, so he and Megan developed more of a friendship at first.

At some point, Megan starts to become suspicious, and asks Tyler to send a picture of himself with her name written on a piece of paper.

At first, Rose/Tyler is not sure what to do, but she is eventually able to Photoshop a picture that satisfies Megan.

For some reason, Rose then decides to create another fake persona, Jake, and use that to get her feelings about Megan out. Then, for another unknown reason, Tyler tells Megan that he is going to be in her area, and would meet her at a club. At the club, Megan sees a pair of guys who she thinks are Tyler and Jake -- and they are looking back at her.

Megan doesn't end up going up to them, but when she gets home she messages Tyler asking if he was the person that she saw.

Tyler says yes, but Megan is a bit suspicious, and asks him what she was wearing. Rose/Tyler guess randomly and end up being right.

Again, for some reason, Tyler tells Megan that he's going to visit. Right before he leaves to see Megan, however, he claims he has been diagnosed with cancer (yes, again cancer).

Megan, of course, is upset and asks Jake what happened. Jake tells her that Tyler died on the operating table.

As Megan is recounting this part of the story, she starts sobbing about Tyler's "death"...and yes, at this point she knows Tyler isn't real.

Back to the story: Megan is devastated about Tyler's death. That's when Jake swoops in and Megan starts to develop feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Rose is developing strong feelings for Megan.

Megan wants to talk on the phone to Jake, so Rose calls Megan as Jake's sister. Rose plays the audio of a guy playing a guitar, and convinces Megan that the guitar player is Jake.

Fast forward a few weeks, and again, Jake wants to meet Megan.

Megan plans to go to meet Jake in LA, but a few hours before Megan leaves, Rose (as Jake's sister now) tells Megan that Jake overdosed and is in a "medically-induced coma." Megan insists on seeing Jake, so Rose finally tells her that Jake is dead.

Megan is devastated again, but her mom realizes that this is a scam. She hires a private investigator.

Upon finding the truth, Megan texts Rose and confronts her, but she denies. Not long later, Megan sees that Tyler and Jake's accounts are reactivated, and they're now talking to a different girl named Ivy.

In the end, Rose explains that she feels remorse, and hopes to get forgiveness from Megan.

Catfish 'Untold Stories' - Luis and Adrianna

Finally, we meet Luis, a barber and musician who wants to remain anonymous. Luis was promoting his music on social media, when a girl named Adrianna started talking to him.

Adrianna starts talking to Luis online, then on the phone. They talk several times a day while Luis is at work, and they start telling each other that they love each other.

Finally, they make plans to meet in LA. Two weeks before Luis is set to go to LA, he receives a message from a guy telling Luis to leave his "girlfriend" alone.

The "guy" sends a picture of himself with Adrianna. Luis, predictably, becomes upset. He has a major argument with Adrianna, and they stop talking.

Then a few days later, the "guy" texts Luis apologizing and says he's not dating the Adrianna. Luis calls Adrianna to apologize for the fight, but she remains angry.

Luis decides to go to LA to apologize, but when he arrives, Adrianna refuses to meet him.

Luis and Adrianna break up. Months go by, and Luis sees Adrianna in photos online with another guy.

He's happy for her, and things start to seem normal, until he receives a hysterical phone call from her.

Adrianna tells Luis that the new guy she is dating has been laundering money, and when she confronted the guy, the guy took her hostage and threatened to kill her.

Luis continues to believe this story, and comforts her. She tells him that she escaped from the guy, and she and Luis start to re-develop their relationship.

They plan to meet each other again, and of course, the day Luis plans to see her, she tells him that she has (you guessed it) cancer.

Luis and his friend Jorge try to find her in the hospital, and she's not there. When the hospital receptionist says that Adrianna isn't there, Luis doesn't believe it, and starts looking for her in other places.

Luis finds Adrianna's sister, who tells Luis that Adrianna, the woman he had been talking to for five years, was not the woman that Luis saw in the pictures.

Adrianna's sister leads him to her. When Luis confronts Adrianna, she shows no remorse, and when he asks her why she did what she did, she says "that's life. Deal with it." He never hears from her again.

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