'Catfish' MTV: 'Trinity & R. Prophet' Recap The Nappy Roots Rapper Catfished

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Last week got a bit creepy on MTV's "Catfish" and this week the show manages to turn things up even more as Nev Schulman and Max Joseph help rapper R. Prophet of the Nappy Roots a.k.a. Ryan Anthony find out if he's being catfished.

In episode 15 of season four "Catfish" shows that even celebrities can get caught up in a game of "Catfish. The guys investigate the story of Grammy Award winning member of the group The Nappy Roots, R. Prophet (Twitter) to see if he is being catfished by a woman named Trinity. R. Prophet (Instagram) is currently living in Lousiville, Kentucky and Schulman happens to be a big fans of his group. Joseph and Schulman found it a bit funny that R. Prophet (Facebook) says he recently got into social media. He says he came accross the page of the beautiful woman and the two began messaging each other. When the photo comes up this recapper can't help but think "this girl looks exactly like the model (Twitter) Jasmine Sanders, who is famous on her Instagram account." However, let's brushed that off for a bit.

Trinity and R. Prophet messaged each other daily and he says that given his status as a platinum recording artist, he's found it easier to talk to a complete stranger to get unbiased responses. He says that Trinity is completely different from anyone he's ever dated. He says that she isn't selfish and he feels very comfortable talking to her about things he wouldn't talk to anyone else about.

R. Prophet thinks that he could be in a one of a kind relationship and also revealed that Trinity also lives in Louisville.

He says his family thinks he is being catfished because Trinity is too good looking and Schulman and Joseph disagree with them because of his celebrity status.

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R. Prophet does have his doubts about the girls in the photos so he wanted to get Schulman and Joseph onboard to see if he's really in a relationship or if he's being catfished.

Things get a little funny when the guys mention that Prophet is so new to social media he doesn't even have a Skype account so they have to call him.

He agreed to meet with them after rehashing the story again and the guys make their way out to Louisville.

Upon meeting with R. Prophet Schulman and Joseph seemed perplexed by the idea that many of the girls who have been on the show are catfished by guys posing to be people like him.

Schulman says it's funny that now that a celebrity like him is looking for love in his 30's they have someone like him on the other spectrum of things.

Prophet said he started getting into social media because his team urged him to after he decided to get back into the music business.

He says as a rapper replying to fans he found himself caught up on other women's pages. He says that Trinity is a genuine person, someone he can talk to and doesn't seem money hungry. Prophet says that even though he has money and fame and she even help him start a GoFundMe page.

The page was started to help him in a police brutality case against Kentucky police following a 4/20 arrest in the past. Prophet tells Schulman and Joseph that he wants to settle down and have a family of his own and Trinity could be the one.

Prophet's friend Sean said that his friend is hard to get to and Trinity is able to do that. Sean does think it's all a little too good to be true.

The next step is for the guys to go over the information they get from Prophet but during the ride they feel like the girl who is on the other end might feel as if she is being catfished as well. Schulman says that he hates to say it but he thinks it's a catfish. The guys sit down to check out the information they've gathered and dig in.

They find out that her Facebook page is pretty active but it looks like it's all guy bait. We here at Empty Lighthouse were right.

Jasmine Sanders is having her photos taken off of Instagram. The guys say that Sanders use to date Chris Brown.

They decide to send Jasmine a video message to let her in on the person who has been stealing pictures of her. After searching, they find the name of a Crystal.

They find out that she lives in Crestwood, KY but they find a number of different women with the same name.

The guys think that Prophet is really nice and is looking for something genuine but he's on the wrong end. They do however, feel that maybe Crystal could be someone he could get into.

Schulman and Joseph now have the difficult task of telling Prophet that he is in fact being catfished. The guys receive a response from Jasmine and they call her on Skype.

They explain the situation to Jasmine and she has never heard of Trinity Harrison before.

They also tell Jasmine that Prophet of Nappy Roots is the one being catfished and she feels bad. Jasmine says that it happens to her all the time because she's a full time model.

Schulman and Joseph now have to find out if Prophet wants to be over the situation or see the real person who has been catfishing him. They present him with the evidence and break the news that Sanders is the woman in the photos, not Trinity.

Prophet looks pretty sad when he finds out but Schulman says that she is still close by.

Jasmine recorded a message for Prophet who seems really broken up over the entire thing. The guys present him with the options and he chooses to meet up to find out who he has been talking to.

Schulman gets the voicemail and leaves a message for "Trinity" a.k.a. Crystal. Schulman received a message and gives Trinity a call.

She answers to Trinity and he begins asking about Prophet and tells her the story. He reveals that they know it's not her in the photos and she's embarrassed about what she did.

She did reveal that her name is Crystal and when Schulman asks her about meeting, she agrees. Prophet is ready to put this all to bed and he is nervous about who he will be seeing.

They arrive at the park and grab a table as they await the arrival of Crystal. Prophet doesn't know what to feel or expect and they see someone walking towards them. Prophet says oh wow and he's incredibly right because she isn't anything like the woman in the photos. Prophet is pretty disappointed and he tells her that he revealed very personal business.

Crystal says there is no more Trinity but she says that Crystal is the person Prophet has been talking to. Crystal seems a bit upset but she's just nervous.

The fake page started with a broken relationship because she was blocked by her ex. It then spiraled into things with Prophet who she said thought could use some motivation.

She also says that she developed feelings for him and Prophet says that she violated her trust. He is at a loss for words and Crystal expects it. Prophet says she seems to have a lot to offer someone but obviously it's not him.

He walks away from the entire team and Schulman says that he needs some time to wrap his head around everything and that they will touch base with her.

Schulman tells Joseph that he thinks they both need to find resolution to move on with their lives.

Schulman heads out to talk to Crystal who always knew that Prophet would not be happy with the outcome. Schulman asks why she didn't close the profile when she found out what she needed. She said around the same time she was going to close it, Prophet popped into her inbox. Crystal wants to apologize and continue to help him move forward with his career. R. Prophet and Joseph are on their way over for the final meeting.

They arrive and everyone sits down to talk about the entire ordeal. Crystal apologizes and Joseph says it's not a magic word and asks he what she likes about Prophet. She says he filled the void she lost.

Prophet says that what she did wasn't cool but she did fill the void.

Crystal said that she would continue to help him and Prophet agrees to communicate, however, not like they use to. Things end with a hug and everyone goes their separate ways.

Prophet says he will be dropping a single in August and that he is still in touch with Crystal over the nonprofit and GoFundMe pages. Crystal says things are great since they met and she's in a better place.

All you can really say about tonight's episode is wow. MTV and the guys of "Catfish" continue to add twists to their show that you wouldn't see coming even if it was right in front of you.

R. Prophet found out the real story behind Trinity and now has closure. You can catch more of MTV's "Catfish" Wednesday's at 10 PM EST.