'Catfish' MTV: 'Tiana & James' Recap, One Slippery Catfish

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MTV's "Catfish" continues to shake things up as it returns with Nev Schulman and Max Joseph helping Tiana find out if she is being catfished by James, a man she met online.

In episode 13 of season four, the guys celebrate 50 episodes of "Catfish" as they embark on answering Tiana's cry for help.

Tiana is a 21-year-old female from Charlotte, North Carolina seeking help to locate her "first love." She met James (No twitter) on Myspace three years prior to sending out the e-mail and says that they are dating.

James is a 24-year-old from Statesville, North Carolina which brings up the huge issue that they live in the same state but have yet to meet.

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Tiana (Facebook) says that she was living in Washington when they first exchanged phone numbers and was drawn to James (Facebook) because of his personality. She claims that James always knows the right things to say to lift her up and is curious about her.

She (Instagram) fell deeper in love with James and claims that he is her first and only love. Tiana (No Instagram) has family in North Carolina and told James (Twitter) that she was thinking of moving back.

Surprisingly enough, this catfish was happy to hear than and began talking about finding a place together and getting married. All good right? Nope, Tiana has been in Charlotte for five months and hasn't met James once.

She says that he's hiding something from her and she doesn't know what it is, however, she's not ready to give up on him. "Catfish" is going to get very real.

The guys decide to give Tiana a call and she's very nervous to be talking to both Schulman and Joseph, however, she doesn't even know which one is which. Joseph is a little taken back by that and asks her if she's serious.

Schulman makes fun of Tiana's pronunciation of good which sounded a little more like guh-t, as she begins to tell them the story of how she met James.

It looks like James was the one who made initial contact from her story.

Tiana said that she had a baby just before she began talking to James. Her daughter's name is Journi and she's 3-years-old. Her father is no longer a part of her life so Tiana is raising her on her own.

She re-hashes the entire meeting and said that when James asked her to be with him she said yes.

She's put three years into the relationship and whenever she asked him to Skype he tells her he has a "raggedy" camera. Despite his excitement over her move, he continued to make excuses when she asked to see him.

Tiana says that James knows how to talk her through times when she displays a bad attitude. All of a sudden Tiana tells Schulman and Joseph that James doesn't know she has a daughter. Whoops, she forgot to explain that one in the e-mail.

The reason he doesn't know is because Tiana says he told her he didn't like kids.

When they question Tiana as to how could she want to be with someone who doesn't like kids, she says that hopefully his love for her will also be directed towards Journey when they meet.

Joseph is already expecting the meeting to be a disaster as they embark on a trip to North Carolina. They show up at Tiana's house and are greeted by a side hug, Tiana's daughter is with her best friend and she says that her mother is in her life but her father isn't.

She was split up from her sister when she was younger and seems to have had a rough childhood.

She goes over the multiple times she tried to meet up with him. She says she doesn't understand because he's emotional and very sweet.

She plays a voicemail where James shows the "sweet side" and he even tells her he loves her. She shows him photos of James and Schulman and Joseph thinks he might be famous. They understand that Tianas' life is not stable and the fact that they used the L word, is huge for her.

She is also hoping that he's okay with the fact that she has a daughter which is a negative on her end. By the way, she still doesn't know who is who.

The duo meets up to investigate James to try to get down to who he really is and why he is so secretive. Schulman suspects that maybe James has a kid himself. They know that James is a mechanic and they also have his phone number. When they run the photos, they find a recording artist by the name of TipsyTwist a.k.a.

Klassified. They find videos of the recording artist and they think that the rapper is pretending to be a mechanic because he is holding more secrets. Schulman and Joseph find that James is actually Gregory Johnson.

Things get a little crazy when they find a real mechanic and he looks nothing like James. He's pretty menacing in the fact that he looks much older than Tiana. He is a white male who looks much much older.

Schulman and Joseph automatically think the worst about what his motives could have been.

Tiana's friend sits in on the next meeting and weighs in on what she thinks about James. She says she doesn't think she would let it go this far.

Tiana's friend was surprised when she found out that James doesn't like kids. They show the evidence they found. The first one up is Tipsy Twist where they have all of the photos and videos to prove it. They play the video to see if Tiana recognizes the voice and she doesn't.

They then show her James Sloan's duck character. She is almost in denial until she learns that he's also a mechanic.

When they scroll through the profile pictures and she sees the real James, she is immediately pissed off. Schulman doesn't think that the guy in the picture as Tipsy Twist is the man she's been talking to.

The next step is trying to meet up with James. They call James and Schulman tells him that he's the guy from Catfish. He explains the situation to James and lets him know that they would like to meet up.

James says that it is a possibility to meet up with her and that he cares for her.

He doesn't want to hurt her but Schulman isn't sure it's true, given his track record. They invite Tiana's friend with them as a comfort for Tiana.

When Schulman texts James they find out that he will be alone at his shop that is actually only 10 minutes away from her place. That's insane, he's been so close all this time and still doesn't want to meet. These guys have no idea what they are walking into and Tiana's friend says it looks familiar.

She knows a Ricky G who works at the shop and is actually a rapper. There could be a connection after all. They slowly creep up to a garage door where someone is inside working.

Schulman opens up the door and over walks Trez Tiana's "babydaddy." Tiana thinks that her friend set it up by her friend is even more upset than Tiana. This whole thing is crazy and Trez closes the door on her when she blows up on him. Trez says it wasn't suppose to be like that at all and Tiana is upset at the fact that she is going through the pain but her friend and Trez keep arguing.

Joseph is trying to calm down Aisha who can't believe that her ex is with Tiana.

Trez explains that he met Tiana at a party before she moved to Washington. He says it wasn't suppose to be the way it ended up.

Aisha is still irate yelling in the car and is more upset that Tiana thinks she had something to do with it. Tiana doesn't want to talk to Aisha who feels like she has to apologize despite not doing anything. Trez admits he made a dumbass mistake.

Schulman returns to the car and tells Tiana that Trez does has feelings for her but she doesn't want to talk to him.

The show concludes as Schulman sits down with Tiana who is completely distraught. She hasn't spoken to her best friend since the entire ordeal and she is now interested in what Trez has to say.

They meet up with Trez for another sit down to hear what he as to say. He says that he didn't want to hurt Aisha and Tiana. They ask Trez to list all the reasons he loves her but Tiana seems reluctant with all the right to. When they sit down alone he apologizes for lying to her and even cracks a joke to make the situation light.

He manages to make Tiana laugh and she decides that she can't just let it go. Later on the guys find out that Tiana and Trez never worked out.

She couldn't find it in her to meet him after what went on and she and Aisha are no longer friends.

They surprisingly call Aisha who says that Tiana still thought she was a part of it. Trez failed to contact them for an update.

This is a crazy start to the second half of "Catfish's" fourth season. There were a whirlwind of emotions in tonight's episode of "Catfish" followed by a ton of surprises.

It was interesting to see how it all played out and Schulman and Joseph prove once again they are the ultimate long distance detectives. Fans can catch all new episodes of "Catfish" on Wednesdays at 10PM EST on MTV.