'Catfish' MTV: 'Steven & Samm' Recap, A Mother's Cry For Help

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MTV's hit show "Catfish" gets shaken up tonight as a mother seeks help for her son.

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph are enlisted by a mother to find out if her son Steven is being catfished by Samm, a girl he met online.

On the mid-season finale,episode 11 of season four, the guys receive a cry for help from, Aurora, a mother from Fort Worth, Texas who believes her son is being catfished. She is writing about her 18-year-old son Steven (Twitter) who is graduating from high school.

This might just be one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to a teen in high school going on to college.

Steven (Instagram) was a dedicated wrestler in high school who recently met a girl named Samm (Twitter Link) online via Twitter.

Steven and Samm (Instagram) are in direct communication via texting for six months and Aurora is concerned that her son is falling deep for a woman he's never met.

Samm (Facebook 1, 2) lives in California and Aurora is even more worried about Steven because he's been catfished before. Hold on.

Now, if you've been catfished before, wouldn't that make you want to think twice before communicating with someone you met online for a second time? Aurora seems extremely involved in her son's life because she knows that outside of the online relationships, Steven has never dated anyone.

She's mainly looking out for her son and she wants him to be okay (even if it means embarrassing him.) The story is the same as it normally is, Samm won't Skype Steven or video message him because she complains of a bad connection.

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Schulman and Joseph really have their work cut out for them on tonight's "Catfish." They first think that Samm could be the mom trying to teach her son a lesson however, they call her up anyway. The guys assure her that she's like a lot of moms who worry about their son.

Aurora thinks that Samm is beautiful but she also reveals that Samm is a wrestler. Aurora is a hip mom because she's on Snapchat and all of the social media accounts.

Steven actually knows that his mom is applying to "Catfish" and is also eager to see what Samm looks like. Schulman and Joseph met Aurora in person to find out more about Steven who is now present. Steven seems a little nervous but he tells the guys how he met Samm.

He wanted to comfort her because of her sad tweets and when he got her number they began texting back a forth. They talk all day and night and help each other through hard times.

Steven was going through depression after an accident that caused him to have to drop wrestling. He was suicidal at one point but Samm helped him get through it.

Steven says that he sees Samm in his future and he wanted to make himself better. He wants to move to California to support Samm which is big news to his mom. He really just wants to save Samm and is making decisions based on six months.

The only photos he gets from Samm are the ones that are already on social media. Aurora wants Samm to be a part of his life but not the entire plan.

Now it's snooping time. It's pretty smart of MTV to air this during the week of Mother's Day. The guys go over what the know before they dive in to the good stuff. Already Joseph makes fun of the fact that Samm's name has two M's.

They find a YouTube Channel with a ton of videos and that's a really good sign. Samm has also retweeted Steven publicly to display affection of each other.

They reach out to Erik, one of Samm's friends who tells them that Samm's friend Jasmine shared phones with her at one point.

Now it looks like Steven may have been talking to Jasmine. Joseph and Schulman figure out that there was also a shared Twitter account between Jasmine and Samm.

Jasmine sounds as if she has a lot of issues including the fact that she's living with a lie. She sounds like the girl that Steven has been talking to the whole time. Now they must figure out if Jasmine is really the one who has been catfishing Steven.

They pay Aurora and Steven a visit to relay the information they found so far. When they drop the bomb that there is Jasmine in the picture.

The reveal that Samm was sharing her phone with her best friend Jasmine, who Steven's never heard of.

There is a strong possibility that Jasmine doesn't want to show her face because she's not Samm. She fits the character of the depressing person and even Steven begins to see the similarities. He admits that he would be hurt, however, there is still an emotional attachment.

His mom on the other hand, feels like it would be starting off on the wrong foot. "Samm" agrees to answer the phone when Schulman calls and it gets everyone pretty excited and nervous at the same time.

Schulman comes into contact with Samm who is reluctant to answer to her name. When Schulman asks her if she'd be interested in getting together she's overwhelmed. She admit's that she hasn't been completely honest and she's willing to talk to him face to face.

She seems pretty remorseful for lying to Steven and is willing to tell him in person. Steven will be taking the trip with Schulman, Joseph and of course, Aurora.

The journey to California begins and Steven is holding out that it's really Samm. Aurora is excited but worried for her son at the same time. The secret is really driving her crazy all the way until they arrive at the house.

The garage door is open and they all huddle in from the rain as Schulman knocks on the door. Someone answers and it's actually Samm! Holy crap it's incredible that Samm is standing in front of Steven. He's really happy and Aurora looks to be pretty happy as well.

Samm plans on wrestling in college and pursues a career in coaching.

Samm says that she and Jasmine are still close but it was all Samm. They all ask Samm what the secret is and she admitted that she was dating other people while talking to Steven but she cut everyone off for him.

Steven doesn't look to happy when he found out because he was way into Samm more than she was.

He forgives Samm right away and Samm is sure to make it known to Aurora that she doesn't want to hurt Samm. Steven has been making plans and for a future with Samm, so now the two have to talk.

Aurora believes that Samm still has a poker face so there seems to still be an underlying problem. Steven's reaction is completely what you would expect from anyone. He is completely taken back by Samm's beauty but hopefully it doesn't cloud his judgement.

The guys check in with Steven and crack a little joke. Steven says that he feels comfortable around her but there is still the underlying issue that she was talking to other guys.

Schulman urges Aurora to sit the next meeting out and Steven heads out to get some ice cream with Samm. Samm is definitely attractive but Steven still calls her out on lying to him.

She doesn't have an explanation for her lies but she seems as if she does like him. When Steven asks if she sees a future with him all she keeps referring to is the friendship between them. She tells Steven that she only has feelings for him as a best friend and he's crushed.

She says it's hard to connect him in person to the texts and she doesn't want a relationship anytime soon. The poor guy is led on while Samm is really thinking about her own future with college, wrestling and whatever else it holds.

Steven says he doesn't think he should be a part of her life and walks out leaving both of them in tears.

In the car Steven tells the guys what happened meanwhile, Samm is alone in the ice cream shop. Steven says he's done wasting his time and Schulman goes in to check on Samm. She understands how Steven feels but she can't give him all of her. She feels like Steven was so into her that he didn't hear her when she was telling him it was always just a possibility.

The sad part is going to be telling his mother what he learned. Steven and Samm are still friends and remain in contact. He apologized that day and the two have even wrestled each other.

Honestly this was one of the most embarrassing episodes of "Catfish" to date. However, it does prove that sometimes your parents just want the best for you.

It was full of jokes about Aurora being the first mom on "Catfish," and also should make everyone think more than twice before they get into an online relationship.

This was the mid-season finale of "Catfish" but there are plenty of episodes to keep you occupied while you wait for the return.