'Catfish' MTV: 'Spencer and Katy Perry' Recap, Dating An International Pop Star?

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When we started writing this, we thought: it's very possible that this is one of the easiest episodes of MTV's Catfish to predict. But it wasn't.

In episode 15 of season five of Catfish, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph meet Spencer Morrill, who believes that he is dating international pop superstar sensation Katy Perry.

Spencer (Twitter) is from Knoxville, Tennessee and wrote to the Catfish crew under full belief that he is dating Katy Perry (Instagram).

Of course, not only was Katy Perry married to Russell Brand between 2010-2012, she is now romantically linked to actor, Orlando Bloom.

Nevertheless, Nev and Max decide to help Spencer (Instagram) out. While there are a million signs that this entire thing is ridiculous, Spencer is totally confident in his beliefs.

Max and Nev sit down with Spencer at his house.

Spencer says that he has been discussing kids with "Katy," and he even had a ring made for her.

Although Nev and Max start out incredulous, after sitting with Spencer for long enough, even they start to wonder if the person Spencer spoke with could, in fact, be Katy Perry.

Nev and Max trace the phone number Spencer provided to a girl named "Harriet" in England, who appears to like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. They quickly return to Spencer's house and discuss the situation with him and his brother.

According to the brother, Spencer isn't typically the kind of person who believes things like this.

Spencer, however, upon finding out more information about Harriet, says he has no idea who Harriet is. He insists that Harriet's writing doesn't match how "Katy" talks to him.

Still, he agrees to go to England to look for Harriet, even though he insists that the person who he spoke to was Katy Perry.

Before leaving, he reiterates that he believes that Perry hid lyrics in her songs for him, and he thinks he has figured them out.

Once in England, Nev, Max, and Spencer are able to get in contact with one of Harriet's friends, Amy.

Amy tells the guys that Harriet was her ex-girlfriend, and that Harriet is "100% gay." Amy agrees to set up a meeting between the guys and Harriet.

But out of nowhere, Harriet shows up at the guys' hotel wants to meet them in a creepy garden.

Harriet admits that she had been talking to Spencer for the last six years. She seems to find the situation humorous, and when asked for an apology, she says "I'm sorry, I guess." But Spencer ignores the evidence and continues to believe that he was talking to Katy Perry.

The guys ask Harriet several questions about Spencer, and she is able to answer them; nevertheless, Spencer doesn't accept the truth. On a scale of 1-10, he still says his confidence that he was talking to Katy Perry is a 9.

The next day, Spencer finally comes to terms with the truth, but he still doesn't understand why Harriet would catfish him. Max and Nev go to visit her and attempt to understand her motivations.

Harriet says that she wanted to be confident and lively like Katy Perry, so she assumed the role.

She liked Spencer because he was willing to accept her. She admits that she feels guilty, and she says she's willing to take responsibility.

Max, Nev, and Harriet return to see Spencer, and Harriet apologizes. Harriet says that she was so far away from everyone she knows that she felt that she needed to create a world for herself online.

She says that talking to Spencer helped her get through a lot of difficult times, like the death of her father.

They both say they had a strong connection, but Harriet reiterates that she is gay and that she wasn't looking to have a relationship with him.

And then, the Bombshell

A few months later Max and Nev call Spencer, who appears to be cured. Off hand, he says he sent a few emails to Harriet but didn't hear back.

But when Max and Nev call Harriet, she tells them that Spencer an email to the "Katy Perry" address saying that he went to England and met a girl who claimed to be catfishing him. Spencer STILL believed he was talking to Katy Perry.

Finally, at the end of the show, Spencer insists that he's cured.... But who knows what may happen next with these two.

It's hard to think that there are some people out there who are so gullible about dating celebrities.

Hopefully this experience is a lesson to some of them. You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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