'Catfish' Recap: 'Candic and Titus'

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Tonight's episode of MTV's Catfish follows a woman named Candic Snow, and boy are we in for a load of surprises.

Candic, who lives in Pennsylvania, is married to a man whom she met in the military.

She says she loves him but because of some sort of PTSD he suffered fighting abroad, he doesn't really communicate with her, and so she has needed someone to connect with emotionally.

Candic tells the Catfish guys that she met Titus on a local shopping app.

She was selling a purse, and a Titus was looking at this item and contacted her. Candic felt a connection with Titus because he listened to her and paid attention to her feelings, unlike her husband Jamie.

When Nev Schulman and Max Joseph arrive, Candic wants to meet them at their B & B. She explains that her dad was a hemophiliac who had HIV. Before he realized he had it, he had infected her mom.

The mom died quickly, and her dad felt responsible. Soon after, Candic's dad turned to alcohol to deal with his problems, and Candic was essentially abandoned.

She ended up in foster care and became an alcoholic as well. After joining the military, she met her current husband Jamie, who she says pulled her out of her alcoholism and made her feel better.

Candic tells the Catfish crew that she had a child with Jamie, and after the child's birth, she has felt more emotional, missing her mom and looking back at her past.

Being unable to talk to Jamie, Candic turned to the guy she met online.

After Candic met Titus, they began to have very emotional conversations, all about her. And that made her feel good.

She says she tried to get Titus to meet her, but he refused. Now she wants to know who she was talking to. She has a photo of him, but little else.

Nev and Max start doing some research, and they find out that Titus is using the Pinger app. They are also able to match his photo to a man on Instagram named "Steve Vennum." Vennum is located in Sacremento, CA, so they determine that Titus is using a false name.

The guys then look further into the shopping app and find out that Titus' account is under "Spencer Duncan," who they are able to track down...

But what they find is creepy to say the least: It turns out that Spencer Duncan was in the military and died in 2011.

Nev and Max bring up what they found with Candic. Candic says she knew Spencer Duncan -- she had trained with him -- but he died in Afghanistan. Since Titus couldn't be Spencer Duncan, Nev and Max try to determine if there are other men she knows from the military who knew Duncan.

They also think Titus may be Candic's sister. Candic breaks into tears upon hearing this revelation.

Nev and Max convince Candic to call Titus' phone number, and she calls and leaves a message. Titus responds, but he said he must meet Nev first, and he isn't sure if he is willing to meet Candic.

Nev texts Titus, and they agree to meet in a park, and Titus turns out to be Jamie, Candic's husband. Jamie says that he knew that Candic was having trouble, and he wanted to know if Candic was willing to cheat. But Candic had told Titus that she didn't want to cheat.

Jamie planned to stop being Titus, Candic contacted Titus and wanted to talk about her mother -- and that's how the "relationship" progressed. Nev and Jamie decide to go forward and "introduce" Jamie to Candic.

The suspense builds, and of course, we go to commercial. As we return, Jamie and Candic confront each other and don't know what to say.

Jamie explains that he felt that he was helping Candic by being Titus.

He says he was happy to have taken the time to understand her, and she says "it feels good to know that that connection was really you...In a sense, it's kind of a relief."

The two reconcile, and leave happily. When the Catfish guys return, they find out that Candic and Jamie had talked a lot and considered therapy. And things have gotten much better.

You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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