'Catfish' MTV: 'Sara & Thad' Recap Seizure, Abduction & The Lying Catfish

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Last week's episode of MTV's "Catfish" proved that anyone even a rapper is capable of being catfished, this week, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph help Thad find out if he's being catfished by Sara.

In episode 16 of season four, "Catfish" continues to find troubled hearts who are looking for love but not sure who they're in love with. The guys investigate the story of Thad (Deleted Instagram) a former corrections officer living Texas. Immediately after reading the long subject, Schulman and Joseph knew they were in for a good investigation.

Thad (Facebook) was having problems with his marriage and thought he needed to seek the opinion of a stranger. That's when Sara popped into his life.

The two began messaging back and forth and eventually Sara (Facebook) approached Thad about having feelings for him which he also says he began to feel as well.

Things got really bad when Sara (About Me Page) wanted to meet up but kept making excuses.

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Sara initiated the talk about meeting up but the first time she told Thad she had a seizure and was in the hospital. The really unbelievable excuse came when Sara told Thad that her crazy ex-boyfriend had abducted her and the next day, she called Thad and told him she managed to escape. That's when Thad decided to do some digging of his own. He found out that the profile really belonged to a girl named Ashley.

Following in the footsteps of Schulman and Joseph, Thad revealed that he found the real woman in the photo who's name was in fact Sara. The woman actually told Thad that she's begged Ashley to stop using her photo in the past.

Thad simply wants answers and he also wants to save future victims from Ashley.

Schulman and Joseph know that there is a lot at stake for Thad because he had feelings for someone else during his marriage. They waste no time in calling him up and letting him know that they were interested in helping him. The guys fly out to Texas to meet up with Thad.

They meet up with Thad at an undisclosed location because of his occupation and after a quick joke about all the crosses on a wall they get right down to business. Thad explained that he thinks the problem that got between him and his wife was a point in his life where he began to regret not doing the things he's always wanted to.

He wasn't sure where he was going in his life and sounded as if he just needed direction.

Thad went out looking for a strangers opinion by adding a couple of people from the "People You May Know" section. The only one to message him back was Sara. She was very honest in her message and not only did she say she thinks he should tell his wife, she also told him they should try to work things out for the sake of their family. Thad confronted his wife about it and she also admitted to feeling broken hearted and that she often cried about it behind closed doors.

Then Thad breaks down the story of Sara being abducted while he was on the phone with her. He told the guys that he heard glass break and she was clearly frightened for her life.

He heard police and cops in the background and then the call suddenly dropped.

Thad called everyone in Sara's city and texted Sara's mom to see if she was okay. Later one he heard from Sara's mom that she was in bed and she looked beat up.

Thad thinks that he deserves everything that happened to him because he was pursuing a relationship while he's married. He and his wife are trying to work things out and they are currently communicating more. His wife also told him he should try to figure this out after coming so far.

Thad doesn't want to see anymore victims and he says that he wants to prevent further damage such as identity theft. The guys hop in their vehicle and set out to do their own investigation.

They rehash the facts and then dive into the research with information given to them by Thad. The guys decide to send Sara Marie (the real sara) a message to make sure she is the real deal.

The guys also reach out to some of Ashley's victims. While looking Ashley up, they find out that she was arrested for larceny and that she's actually a criminal. Just then they get a call from JT a victim of Sara.

He had the same romantic involvement with her and he tells the exact same stories that Ashley told Thad. Schulman and Joseph call the real Sara Marie who tells them everything has gone on for about seven years.

Schulman gets the idea to get as many victims as they can to confront Ashley. Sara is scared but agrees but the guys have no idea what's going to happen.

Schulman calls Thad and makes sure that it's okay that Sara is coming along. Sara arrives and the team assembles in order to meet Thad. Sara is nervous because she knows Thad thought he was really talking to her for so long. It's a bit awkward for Thad and Sara because he thought he was in love with her. Sara whips out her laptop and shows the guys a message from Sam who was another victim of Ashley.

At least so she thought, Sam was actually Ashley, using Sam to get Sara's photos. Yeah, this is pretty confusing and insane. Ashley sounds like a "Catfish" con artist.

Thad thinks that Ashley believes that she really is Sara to runaway from her own life. Schulman presents the information including the address records and the address. They call Sara and get to her voicemail.

Thad raises a good question as to what happens if she doesn't make contact and everyone agrees that they would just visit the address they have. Ashley didn't reply so they have no choice but to show up anyway. The team takes a trip out to Oklahoma in order to confront Ashley and everyone is nervous except for Thad who feels guilty.

They arrive at Ashley's place and simultaneously hop out of the car to confront Ashley at a fairly scary looking home.

They knock on the door but no one answers and all the windows are covered. They know someone might be home but no one answers and they try talking to neighbors to find out if they know anything about Ashley.

One neighbor tells Shulman that sometimes there is yelling coming from the house and there is multiple women. At times it's a woman and a guy, who might be the ex. They have no choice but to call it a day. Thad reveals that he got a text from Ashley who said she can't believe he showed up to the house with "Catfish." He calls Ashley and tells her to sleep on her decision to meet up with him.

Later on she agrees to meet but only at her friends house. The team drives out to make yet another attempt to meet Ashley.

They pull up, knock on the door and Sara is incredibly nervous. A woman answers the door and says she's Ashley.

Ashley admits that she is the one using the photos and says she does have remorse and apologizes. She also admits to being arrested and that she has a 4-year-old child. Ashley was engaged and two days before her wedding her fiance cancelled the wedding to marry another woman he got pregnant.

Sara seems really upset that even after Ashley talked with her she continued to hurt people. Thad asks her how she made the police noises and she admitted everything was on YouTube.

Ashley says the whole purpose for agreeing to meet is because it's all supposed to stop. Thad and Sara aren't sure it's true and that as soon as they pull away she will start up again.

During the final talk Schulman makes his way over to Ashley who is overwhelmed. He tells her that Thad and Sara feel uncertain that she will actually stop. Ashley says she's very remorseful and now that she doesn't have to keep up with the lies anymore she can be who she really is.

She brings her weight into the situation as a reason for her wanting to be a different person. She is lonely and closes herself off from the world because she feels like no one cares.

She is overcome with emotion and it makes Sara emotional.

She walks out and says she needs a minute because she struggled with similar things. Joseph tells Sara that she should tell Ashley about it so she no longer feels alone. Meanwhile, inside, Thad is speaking his piece and Ashley apologizes.

Sara doesn't go in depth about what she says but tells Ashley she shouldn't feel like she's never enough. Thad tells Ashley to be herself and there's a lot of people out there who will see her for who she is.

Ashley tells the crew she wished it happened earlier and she actually appreciates the intervention.

Two months later Thad's life is going great including his family.

Thad reveals that things have not changed with Ashley because more people are coming forward about her. They talk to Sara who tells them that Ashley is reversing the entire situation and making everyone look stupid.

This is yet another unorthodox episode of "Catfish." While Thad was a great detective the surprises that Schulman and Joseph managed to uncover proved to be even greater.

It's yet another reminder to watch who you talk to on social media and try not to get too attached to someone you've never met. You can catch more of MTV's "Catfish" Wednesday's at 10 PM EST.