'Catfish' MTV: 'Paris & Tara' Recap an Old Flame is Lit

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After last week's episode of MTV's Catfish, it's hard to think that the show could even top that one.

This time, Paris is seeking help from Nev Schulman and Max Joseph to see if she is being catfished by Tara, a girl she met online.

Paris is a 25-year-old female who lives outside of Chicago. She met Tara in a chat room four years ago and fell in love. She was crazy about Tara and started to suggest that they meet up.

However, Tara had an accident before they could meet up and it scared Paris. Schulman and Joseph read that Paris tried to meet up after it but there were always excuses.

She decided to move on but two years later, Tara found her again. Paris was suspicious about her resurfacing and decided to do her own investigation.

She did an image search on Tara's photo and it came up matched to a profile of Dana (Facebook) from New Jersey. Paris is puzzled and wants answers.

The guys decide to contact Paris to learn more about the situation and see if they can help her get down to the bottom of this mystery. They Skype Paris who says she works as a license massage therapist.

Paris was using a chatroom to meet people and they exchanged voice messages. Schulman says she already knows that Tara might not be the woman in the photos she sent.

Paris says that they can find the answer is she can't and the truth will come out. Paris is hoping the outcome will be what it was supposed to be when she was talking to Tara.

The guys decide to head out to Chi-Town. They arrive at her house and are greeted warmly.

Paris rehashes the story of her and Tara. She says it was really intense and they talked almost everyday. After so many times of trying to meet, Tara got into a car accident.

Tara made the excuses that she had a brain injury. Paris genuinely loves Tara and says she shared things with Tara she wouldn't tell other people. Paris said she also told her about coming out.

Paris also brought up another person who was in the chatroom Nicole, who she dated but broke up with. She also dated another girl Mary from the chatroom and she moved with Paris and even brought he son.

Paris said when Mary got there she didn't have a plan and it was a big mess. It ended with Paris saying there was too much responsibility and Mary got a bit nutty on her.

Paris says Mary is not is her life anymore and she doesn't know where she is. She did say that Mary tried to get Tara not to talk to her and paint a bad picture of her. Schulman says she already knows Tara is lying and asks her to present some photos.

They narrow the subjects down to Mary and Nicole. Paris says it got intense with Nicole but she met with someone in massage school and Nicole got jealous. Nicole got pretty violent and intense as well.

Schulman says that Paris has had girlfriends that have gone bonkers on her trying to get back at her. He also says that Paris is still keeping an open mind because she still has love for Tara.

Back in the car, Joseph says Paris doesn't seem like the person that would whip up drama like this.

The guys find themselves a quiet place to begin their investigation and rehash the problem at hand. They open the email which has a couple of photos, an account from Yahoo and phone numbers.

She also gave them information for Mary and Nicole as well. They want to know if Tara is one of the exes or someone different.

The guys send Dana a message to alert her that her photos might be used by someone. They find an app number with the first number but the second number trips them up a bit when they get Mary's number mixed up.

They don't get much on Nicole but sent her a message on social media. The know that Mary and Tara have connected but find out that Mary is married. They decide to reach out to Mary.

They get a message from Dana who says that the whole thing is strange. She video chats with the guys who explain the situation.

Dana (Twitter) is shocked but she doesn't think that anyone has a grudge against her and has no friends in Chicago. They tells her that if anything comes up give them a call. They realize that it is not Dana.

They decide to see who doesn't get back to them. The next day, they get an anonymous call and when they answer it's Mary. Mary can't believe she is talking to Schulman and says she is confused.

Schulman says they are trying to help Paris and Mary immediately knows who they are. Mary says Paris is not the angel they think she is. She says she really hurt her.

Mary says she has seen Tara and contacted her once warned her not to get into a relationship with Paris. Mary says that Paris is very manipulative and that Paris actually catfished people in the chatroom. Mary says it wouldn't surprise her if Paris was coming up with a scheme.

Mary says she doesn't have time for any of that and the guys thank her for her cooperation. The guys think they might be getting played. The victim is now the suspect.

The guys get ready to meet with Paris and ask her if she is sending them on a thrill ride to find her victim.

They meet with her and tell her if there is anything she wants to tell them before they get into it she should.

Paris says she doesn't know anything else and that everything she gave them is where she is at.

The guys decide to sit down with Paris and give her the rundown. They talk about the conversation with Mary and what she said about her.

They reveal that Mary said that Paris was catfishing people while they were dating and Paris admits to it.

She says she did it when she younger. She started out catfishing and says it still bothers her to this day and she can't apologize enough to the people she messed with.

The guys are confused and they aren't sure whether or not Paris is trying to come out and find someone she has been catfishing.

Schulman says this situation doesn't come up often because she has been on both sides. Schulman says only Tara can answer and they need to call her and see if they can get her to meet up.

Schulman calls Tara and lets her know that they are in Chicago with Paris. Schulman tells her what is going on and Tara admits that she is not the woman in the photo.

Schulman says Paris just wants to finally be together with Tara. Tara says she does want to meet her but she isn't sure Paris will accept her for her. Tara asks to call Schulman back in two minutes.

Inside, Paris receives a text from Tara that says if she wants to meet her she has to tell her she loves her. Joseph goes outside to tell Schulman what happened and Schulman is shocked. Tara sent another message to Paris asking if she ever loved her.

Tara then calls back and says she will agree to meet. She does not live in Chicago, she lives in Syracuse.

Paris doesn't know anyone from Syracuse and Paris says it doesn't sound like Nicole or anyone she knows. The next day, the guys pickup Paris to head out to Syracuse.

They arrive in Syracuse and near the house. They pull up to the house and step out of the vehicle. Schulman walks up to the door and gives it a knock.

They wait for a little while and they get a message asking them to come around the back because she doesn't want the nosey neighbors to see. They knock on the back door and someone opens it.

Judging from Paris' reaction, she is not happy.

Tara comes out and when she sees her Tara says hey babe, thought you never could love her. Tara comes out and it's actually Mary. Mary is married with kids and admits that it was all just revenge.

Mary asks if they know what Paris has done to her. They hash out what happened when Mary came with all of her baggage.

Mary asks Paris to tell her where she put her. Paris says that Mary put her in a women's homeless shelter.

Paris says the first night Mary stayed with her mother but her mother wouldn't let them stay anymore. Mary says she left and met her wife in South Carolina. Schulman wants to know why Mary would plot revenge and she isn't feeling anything.

Mary says that her wife was in on it as well. Mary says she is done with all of it and walks away from them. Paris says Mary is a sad excuse for a person.

The next day the guys ask to meet with Mary without Paris to get her side of the story. They are invited in and Mary apologizes for the way things got started.

Mary says Paris devastated her life because she left her whole life behind for her. Mary says it was understood that they would all live together in the house. She says she was dropped off and everything changed.

Schulman says that Mary was young and may have bitten off more than she could chew. Mary says she didn't get the love and affection she wanted from Paris. Schulman asks why she was catfishing her and Mary says she was doing something to hurt her the way Parish hurt her.

Mary says things changed and she liked having communication with Paris. Mary said this was her last lie in her life and she wants it to be gone.

Schulman suggests they sit down and get their feelings out before everything ends.

Paris is angry and frustrated that she was played but still agrees to meet up. They arrive at Mary's again and she invites them all in.

Mary says she found Dana through her cousin's Facebook. Mary said she used multiple messengers to talk to her. Mary apologizes and Schulman asks Mary to say what she needed to say.

Mary reads a statement to Paris which admits that she was wrong but overtime it got to compassion and concern.

Mary says she was there for her and the true and genuine care was her. She realizes that Parish was there for her and finally felt like she gained the love and respect she deserved.

Parish apologizes for any wrongdoing that she may have caused. Mary says Paris was young and she should have realized that she was making a mistake. Mary says it wasn't fair to either of them but leaves the door of communication open.

They both hug it out as Mary becomes emotional. Paris says she won't dwell on negative stuff that has already happened. They are both ready to move on.

They leave Mary's house and all the answers have been revealed. A couple of months later the guys called Paris who says she talked to Mary. They met up with her wife and their son.

They aren't going to talk anymore but they did get closure. Mary is good and says that she got her closure and they will both live their lives.

Once again MTV's Catfish doesn't fail to amaze us when it comes to the lengths that people go to sometimes. Schulman and Joseph always have their work cut out for them.

Hopefully others out there can learn from these people. You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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