'Catfish' MTV: 'Kayla & Courtney' Recap, The Craziest Catfish Episode to Air

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There is a pretty intense dose of the supernatural world in MTV's Catfish as Nev Schulman and Max Joseph try to help Kayla figure out if her dead father has been contacting a woman named Courtney.

The episode has really been kept under wraps for the most part, but from the video reactions of both Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, it seems like a very intense episode. Courtney claims to be a medium who has been receiving messages from Kayla's father, who happened to have passed away 14 years ago.

Kayla is 18 and she and her boyfriend have a son.

In the previews, Joseph says that it really is the craziest episode yet, and he hopes that Courtney is telling the truth -- because he will be extremely angry if that's not the case.

Meanwhile, Schulman says he has seen a lot of strange and sad things make the show; however, he thinks that Kayla's situation is the most devastating, heartbreaking, and messed up story he has ever heard.

He explains that Kayla (Instagram) is finally growing up and starting a family.

Just when she starts moving on, a woman comes into her life and stirs everything back up.

Part of him wants the whole thing to be real but a big part of him is scared that it could all end very badly.

Kayla (Facebook) wants to know if Courtney is telling the truth -- or if she is being catfished in a manner that does not involve being in a relationship. She has had a great friendship with Courtney over the past couple of years. The friendship began when Courtney told Kayla that her dad wants to be a part of her life.

However, Courtney refuses to meet with Kayla in person. Immediately Schulman shoots down the contact from beyond.

The guys call up Kayla and tell her that they are fascinated with her story. Kayla reveals that her father had a mental breakdown and killed her mother. While he was in prison, her father had another breakdown and committed suicide.

Kayla got a message out of the blue from Courtney, who said her father was contacting her. Courtney knew a few details about Kayla's dad, and Kayla says no one on the Earth should know what she knows.

Kayla's grandmother was the one who encouraged Kayla to contact Courtney. Her grandmother gave Kayla a couple of questions, and Courtney had specific answers that fit everything about her father.

However, Kayla's aunt does not believe Courtney.

Kayla says she has never sent Courtney anything; however, Courtney has sent her things such as a gift card.

Kayla's story is very unique and quite heartbreaking -- which is why the guys decided that they were going to take on this investigation.

The guys head out to meet up with Kayla, and Joseph says that he has never come across anyone who is a true medium. They arrive at Kayla's aunt Shannon's house. Schulman says he knows the situation is part of a more tragic story, and Joseph says they want to respect the story.

Kayla reveals her dad stabbed their mother 27 times and put her and her in a car. There was a police chase and the car was spun out to stop him.

Shannon says she remembers seeing Kayla, and Shannon also reveals that her father had mental issues. She says Kayla's father had a schizo-side, but he also had a very loving side. Kayla fully forgave her father for what he did.

Kayla says when her father took his life it was very hard for her family. Kayla didn't have her mom or dad at mother's and father's day lunches. She becomes very emotional thinking about not ever going to have parents.

Kayla says she is excited when Courtney messages her, and she wants to believe her. Kayla wants to believe that maybe she can be reunited with her family when she passes on.

Shannon does not believe Courtney: because the entire situation was so publicized, there was all sorts of information out there. Shannon's pastor says that psychics are the devil in disguise.

The guys see Courtney's profile and both Kayla and Shannon believe she is very pretty. Shannon believes someone else's photos were used to create a fake profile. Meanwhile, the guys read the first message from Courtney. Courtney says that Kayla's mother is with her all of the time.

Courtney also says she does not advertise her abilities or use it to make money. The guys are puzzled and they realize they have to figure out who Courtney is, find her, and then figure out if she is real.

Joseph says he understands Kayla and Shannon's point of views, but he doesn't know which one is right.

The guys tell Kayla that they will check back in after they do their research. Shannon calls Schulman out to talk to him in person and tells him that Kayla wants to imagine a perfect picture of her parents. She believes Courtney is painting that picture and trying to get Kayla excited.

The family has kept all of the bad things about Kayla's parents away from her.

Shannon doesn't want to pull up anything they have been trying to hold back from her. Inside, Kayla tells Joseph that she didn't know her mother was pregnant when she died, and she is expecting to uncover more.

The guys head out and they are both surprised at how wild it is. Schulman tells Joseph what he discussed with Shannon, and Schulman says he is worried for Kayla because this could be the making of something very terrible. The guys head to a local coffee house to start the investigation.

They look up an article from Kayla's parents' murder/suicide. They found out that Kalya's dad's death was public, but they want to see what else they can find.

They search Courtney and find a number and profile that seems normal. She is friends with a lot of family members and has photos and comments that look like a real profile.

They decide to message Eric, someone who interacts with Courtney a lot on social media.

The guys want to now why Courtney is doing this and believe that maybe she could have dated Frankie in the past. There are so many motives that could be there, and the story just keeps getting weirder.

The guys meet with Kayla, her boyfriend and her son. Schulman says it's going to be hard for them to prove that Courtney is a medium. They tell Shannon and Kayla about their own searches, which indicate that Courtney may know about Kayla's father.

They feel that Courtney's Facebook page feels real, but they aren't sure if she is the person Kayla is really talking to. They talk about the message they got from Eric.

Eric turns out to actually be a woman named "Erica," and she claims to be close to Courtney.

The guys receive a call from Erica almost immediately, and Schulman tells her what is going on. Erica knows that Courtney and Kayla are connected through Frankie, who is a unique member of the family. Erica reveals that she knows why Kayla would want to know.

Erica believes that Courtney has psychic abilities and claims that Frankie has been in her house and been her around a lot.

Erica says they would come over and that they have felt Frankie's present a lot. Erica's story is very eerie, and she says she has had someone blow on her cheek.

Erica says Courtney mentioned Frankie to her five years ago. The guys want to make sure that Erica understands the circumstances of what she is saying.

Erica says that Courtney would never do anything to hurt anyone. Joseph speaks from the skeptic's point of view and says he wants to believe this, but logic doesn't bode well for it.

They hang up, and Kayla says there are two things that bother her. She says Courtney could be a fraud; she just can't understand why God would take her parents away from her. She is extremely emotional and questions why she can't talk to her parents.

Kayla says if Courtney is lying, this would be really messed up. Shannon is shocked and doesn't understand why Frankie would attach to someone he doesn't know.

Schulman says it seems unlikely that she is lying; however, Courtney could just be an incredibly persuasive person.

No one knows what to believe, and they decide they have to find Courtney and talk to her so they can hear it's real from the source.

Schulman calls Courtney; she feels hurt that Kayla would feel like Courtney might have other motives. Schulman says the last piece of the puzzle would be to sit down with her because Courtney is the last piece of her parents.

Courtney is reluctant but agrees to meet Kayla and see her in person. Schulman returns and tells Shannon and Kayla that Courtney wants to meet her. Kayla is ready to get the answers and takes her first airplane ride.

The day arrives for Kayla and Courtney to meet, and they have a time and a place. Kayla says she wants to believe Courtney and give all of her trust, but the guys think they need to go into the meeting being skeptical.

Kayla will be taking the trip alone, and the rest of the family will meet with Courtney at a different time.

They try to prepare Kayla but they are stumped. They pull up at a park and wait for Courtney to arrive.

They run into a raccoon who acts a little strange. He is standing up and staring at them, and he backs away when Joseph gets closer.

A car pulls up and a woman who looks like Courtney begins walking up to them. It is Courtney. The first thing she says is that she has her dads eyes.

Schulman and Joseph look puzzled, and Kayla asks if Courtney is telling the truth. Courtney says of course she is, and she would never make something up that could be potentially hurtful. She says she knows the situation is so strange, and she realized that something good had to come out of all of this.

She wanted to provide Kayla with closure. Kayla says there is so much she wants to talk to her about; Courtney seconds that.

Courtney explains to the guys why Frankie reached out to her and how much he wanted his daughters to forgive him; but he doesn't believe that he deserves that. Courtney denies ever having any contact with Frankie while he was alive or hearing about the story.

She tells the story of the time she was first approached by Frankie.

She woke up, opened her eyes, and saw that there was a figure at the side of her bed. She says she could sense that Frankie was confused; she realized he needed help.

Courtney admits to looking Frankie up after learning more from him. Courtney had previously wondered if she might have a condition. She claims to have seen a doctor that cleared her of any mental illness.

Kayla says she wants to believe it so bad, but it's really hard for her to cope with all of this at once. She doesn't understand all of it and says that mentally, it's crazy.

Joseph explains his doubts about Courtney. Courtney says she never met up with Kayla because she didn't want to face scrutiny from Kayla or her family.

They decide to take a break and both of the guys seem to buy it -- neither of the guys believes that Courtney is lying. Kayla approaches the guys about what Shannon may have pulled Schulman aside about.

Kayla says that if Courtney can tell her something that only her family knows and she doesn't, then and only then will she believe Courtney.

The guys leave Courtney and Kayla to talk, and Kayla says her heart and her mind want her to believe Courtney, but she can't yet. Courtney says didn't want to look like an idiot.

Kayla asks Courtney to tell her things that she might not have told her before. Courtney says her dad had a lot of animosity towards her mother because her mother made some difficult life choices.

Courtney says that Kayla's mom worked as a stripper and that her dad was abused. She says that her dad was locked in a basement of some sort. Kayla gets overwhelmed, and leaves to talk to Schulman and Joseph.

She tells them everything Courtney told her; Kayla believes that unless Shannon is talking to Courtney, then Courtney is telling the truth. They decide to walk back over and try to make sense of everything.

Schulman thanks Courtney for meeting and tells Courtney that they brought Shannon. Courtney agrees to talk to Frankie again and meet the rest of the family tomorrow.

Everyone seems convinced; they will have to sleep on it before meeting with Courtney the next day. The next day comes and both Shannon and Kayla get ready to head over to Courtney's house. They arrive at the house and Courtney is warm and welcoming.

Schulman starts things off by talking about the previous day. Courtney says she was more reserved then and didn't want to break down.

Joseph asks Courtney if she was able to speak to Frankie last night. She says that Frankie believes that Shannon didn't like him and was a bossy "bitch." Shannon says that sounds like something Frankie would say, and Shannon says she still feels anger towards Frankie for taking his wife's life. Shannon is mad at Frankie's mental illness now, more than she is at Frankie.

Courtney says that Frankie torments his foster mom because she didn't help him.

Only Kayla and Shannon knew that Frankie slept with his Foster mom. Kayla reveals that she and her family were contacted by the foster mom who says she was seeing him and smelling like alcohol and cigarette smoke.

Courtney says Frankie is there but he won't come out into the area. She says Frankie knows exactly what is going on. Schulman and Joseph look a little rattled and decide to have a chat in the car while the family and Courtney chat.

Shannon says it's amazing that Courtney knows that Frankie slept with his foster mom. Then she begins to feel funny as Frankie "enters" the room.

Kayla makes sure she forgives her father; her father tells her that he loves her and that he is proud of her. Courtney says Frankie didn't visit to see Shannon, but he doesn't hate her anymore. Shannon asks if her family could come around.

The guys return, and both Shannon and Kayla are shocked and thankful.

Courtney is thankful that they were able to meet and thinks they will finally give Frankie the closure he needed. Everyone believes Courtney and everyone has gotten some closure.

The only way to describe this episode of MTV's Catfish is shocking.

It breaks the mold of typical episodes of the show and really added a ton of suspense.

You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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