'Catfish' MTV: 'Joanna & Bo' Recap Haunting Mistakes

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Season five of MTV's "Catfish" continues with one crazy episode.

Joanna is calling upon Nev Schulman and Max Joseph to help her connect with the love of her life Bo and to also right a wrong that she committed while they were dating.

Joanna (Instagram) is a 26-year-old female from Southern California who happens to be a model. She is pretty much all over social media and asked Joseph and Schulman to help reconnect her with Bo. Joanna met Bo online and they had the typical Catfish relationship minus meeting up and seeing each other in person.

Bo (Facebook) was upset when she found out that Joanna (Twitter 1, 2) had messed around with one of her best friends and put an end to things. Now, Joanna wants to meet up with Bo and hopefully reconnect.

Joanna wants the gentle hand to help.

Joanna says that Bo was there for her and is the first girl she really fell in love with instantly. They were both living pretty nearby but Joanna has chickened out a couple of times. It happened like that back a forth for awhile and Bo eventually gave up and broke up with Joanna.

Bo went back to dating her ex and Joanna said it seemed to easy.

Joanna is still in love with Bo and had a once in a lifetime feeling with Bo. The guys call Joanna up and after chatting with her, they decide to help.

Upon meeting with the guys, Joanna reveals that Bo is what you call a "stud." She shows them some photos of Bo who Joanna says is more her scene. Schulman got down to the actually story where Joanna (Facebook) says she and Bo had an understanding that they really liked each other and would be meeting up soon.

The meetings were continuously pushed back because of Joanna and Bo's hectic schedules. Joanna says that they were supposed to meet at a gay club but she didn't want to meet her there for the fist time.

She wasn't sure if she was ready to meet the girl she was in love with. Joanna says she didn't know how to tell her that she was uncomfortable with it, so, she lied to Bo and told her that her son was sick and she couldn't make it. After a couple of months, Joanna told Bo about a shoot she had coming up in Las Vegas.

Bo seemed excited about meeting her there and said that she would be able to make it on the Saturday. Bo said her friend would be out there and Joanna offered to meet up with Bo's friend, Ana.

Joanna got Ana's number and invited her to meet up with them. She met up with Ana and began talking about Bo and the type of relationship they have. Things go wrong when Joanna and Ana start partying and ended up cuddling. Joseph says "with Bo's friend Ana" and immediately Joanna is already guilty.

Ana told Bo everything that happened and that's when it all went downhill. Joanna needed closing and did not get closure from Bo.

However, Ana agreed to meet with Joanna and told her that Bo had gotten together with her ex. Joanna is looking to have a relationship with Bo because she is still in love with her.

After the meeting with Joanna, the guys gather what information they have on Bo and try to figure out who Bo really is. The guys think that Joanna could have met Bo twice. They sit down and revisit the story about Joanna fooling around with Bo's best friend Ana.

Bo decides that she is going to get back with her ex after finding out what went on.

Using Bo's address, Kik I.D., photos and Ana's phone number the guys get down to the digging. Joseph wants to cross check the images and nothing seems to be coming up.

They are confused and their not sure if the real name is Bo. That is until they look up the address. The address belongs to Ana and the guys think that it could be that Ana and Bo are the same person.

They do think it would be hard for Ana to have different photos if it's the same person. Schulman decides to call up Ana and ask her if she would be okay with meeting up.

They explain the situation and Ana says she stopped talking to Joanna and Bo. They ask to meet up with them and she agrees to meet up and tell them what she knows.

Joseph says she is either a great liar or she's not lying. They arrive at a nearby place and meet Ana. She says she knows Joanna and she didn't know about Joanna until Bo told her about her. Ana says they hit it off and she was so in the moment when they hooked up.

Ana says it was all about Joanna and that Bo had a girl the whole time. The stories get mixed up when she mentions that she and Joanna hooked up on more than one occasion.

Ana also shows them a photo of Bo who looks nothing like the photo Joanna has. The Bo that Ana knows is much more girly, however, she does date girls.

The guys are confused and ask Ana if she is Bo and she denies it and has solid proof. The realize that Ana has nothing to lie about. They don't understand why Bo would send a photo of a stud instead of herself.

They now have to relay the message to Joanna. They arrive at her place and sit down to talk about everything they found out.

Joanna is nervous about everything because she has been waiting for everything for a long time. They told her about the process and their meeting with Ana.

They tell Joanna that Ana said they hooked up again and were being very flirty. Joanna quickly says "hell no" and that it's all bullsh*t. The guys then show Joanna the photos of Bo and she doesn't recognize the girl in the photo at all. Joanna is actually shocked and is a bit emotional.

She says it's not something she considered and she needed a moment. She walks out.

Joanna returned and they decide that they will contact Bo.

Then send her a message and they instantly get a reply asking if she is with Joanna.

Bo agrees to meet and says that it has gone on for a really long time and she is ready to get this over with.

They decide to head out and meet Bo at her address. They arrive at the home and Schulman makes his way in to get Bo. Joanna starts freaking out a bit but calms down. The door opens and out comes Ana. Joanna says she doesn't want to believe it and that she wanted to hear it from Ana's mouth. Ana says that it really was her and Joanna just wants to know why.

Ana said she was not trying to mess with her emotions and apologizes. Joanna and Ana start arguing and Ana says that Joanna has been lying too. When Joanna gets a bit louder Ana says she has to go.

Things get heated when Joanna slaps Ana. Ana comes back out and they almost get into it but the crew separates them. Joanna walks off and says she wants to get out of there.

Schulman tells Joanna to sit in the car for a second and she repeatedly states that she doesn't want to be there. Schulman decides to check in with Ana quickly before they drive off. Joanna tells Joseph that she feels like a fool.

Schulman tries to talk to Ana who is extremely upset and says she didn't mean to like her or hurt Joanna in any way.

Schulman says he doesn't want things to end like this and they will chill out for the day until they can figure all of it out.

Schulman returns and says that it's not cool that Joanna hit Ana. Joanna doesn't really want to hear it and Schulman says they need to let their adrenaline calm down before they figure all of it out. Schulman and Joseph sit down to discuss their next course of action since this was one of the first times they have had clear physical altercation.

The next day the guys meet with Ana and she says she didn't want to face them after she lied to them. She says none of it was to manipulate her and it was amazing when Joanna hit her up.

She says she forgot that it was fake multiple times. Ana says that she didn't intentionally mean to hurt her. She also says that Joanna opened her eyes and helped her stop feeling sorry about herself especially when it came to her family. Ana does love Joanna and wants to be with her.

They think Ana should tell Joanna that because it's important that she knows that. The guys drive Ana over to Joanna's place and she is much more cordial.

Schulman makes sure they are separated and explains that what happened yesterday doesn't represent the scope of their relationship. Joanna says she is just there to listen.

Schulman moves away and Ana says she didn't do anything on purpose. She says she made a profile with her own photos first but when she used another photo she got more hits. Ana explained that Joanna was unique and she couldn't ignore her because she became her rock.

Joanna says she appreciates the truth but she feels like Ana is playing the victim card. Joanna says she didn't mean to be that angry and when Ana begins feeling emotional, Joanna says she just needs some time.

Ana had to throw out that she loves Joanna but Joanna says that Ana ruined her chances when she lied about everything.

Joanna says that they will see what happens from now moving forward. Everyone leaves it at that and Joanna denies Ana a hug. Ana is clearly feeling relieved yet hurt. She is hoping to become friends.

A couple of months later Joanna says that she has been in touch with Ana who is now in a relationship. Joanna seems like she wants Ana now that she can't have her.

Meanwhile, Ana is in a really happy relationship and says she will always have love for Joanna.

Well, it really doesn't get more dramatic than this one. There were plenty of twists that no one saw coming and it's surely going to leave some scars.

Why do people keep getting catfished? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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