'Catfish' MTV: 'Jeanette & Derick' Recap A Daughter Seeking Help

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Last season a mother sought help for her son MTV's "Catfish," this time, Shuntay is seeking help from Nev Schulman and Max Joseph for her mother Jeanette, who is head over heels for Derick a man she met online.

In episode two of season five, Schulman and Joseph receive an email from Shuntay (Twitter) a 21-year-old female who is worried that her 40-year-old mother, Jeanette (Facebook) might be getting a little too deep into a relationship with Derick (Facebook), a 27-year-old guy that she met online. As always the guys reviewed the email and decided to meet up with Shuntay (Facebook) and her mother in Orlando, Florida, after going over the story once more on a Skype call.

The guys arrived at the house and they were greeted by Shuntay (Instagram) who invited them in. She introduced the guys to her mother and they couldn't believe that Jeanette was Shuntay's mother.

Joseph told Jeanette that 40 never looked so good and Jeanette was flattered by the compliment. They finally sit down and Jeanette says she is not used to being around so many handsome men. Joseph said that the mother and daughter could probably go out and be each others wingmen.

Funny enough Jeanette says that some of Shuntay's friends actually try to get with her after seeing a photo of them together.

Jeanette met Derick (Instagram) Plenty of Fish and she says she set up the account because she was getting lonely and worked a lot.

It's Tuesday. Let's get turnt.

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Jeanette wanted companionship and she was immediately attracted to Derick (YouTube) when she saw his photos. Derick actually responded and Jeanette was happy to know that she reeled him in. Jeanette said that Derick wants to be involved in her family and be a part of one as well.

She was also attracted by the fact that Derick is very accepting of her Shuntay and her daughter.

Jeanette says that she is in love with Derick and he makes her feel like she is the only woman in the world.

The two have even talked about marriage and Derick (Tumblr) was talking about a sale at Zales, sort of hinting to getting married. Schulman asked Jeanette if she is open to having kids and she says she is.

The guys are pretty surprised when they hear Derick's age but Jeanette assured them that he was very mature and they never thought about his age.

Jeanette knows that Derick drives forklifts, wants a closer relationship with his family and he lost his mother when he was a teenager.

Jeanette presented a photo of Derick (Vine) and they said that he actually looks like a model. Joseph says he doesn't look like he drives a forklift and when they asked her how his voice sounds, she simply replies, "sexy." It sparked a couple of jokes from Schulman and really lightened things up.

Atlanta is not far and they have spoken about driving to see each other but Derick always has an excuse for Jeanette and won't make the time.

Jeanette thinks that Derick might have a girlfriend or may even be married. Even when they try to video chat, Derick complains that his camera doesn't work.

Jeanette says she is getting frustrated and so is Shuntay. She wants to be able to hold Derick look him in his eyes and have a life together. So, it's research time and the guys take off to start their investigation.

Both Joseph and Schulman agree that all of the lives are wrapped up with each other and could potentially be pretty bad.

The next day the guys drive over to meet Shuntay at a coffee shop so they can get some research done. Jeanette sent the guys all of the photos she has of Derick.

They have his Facebook page with a lot of friends, most of whom are women. Everything seems to check out and there is also a Snapchat account with front-facing photos, proving that his camera works.

The first picture they search comes up with a Jeremale.

Jeremale has even more photos and in one of them they find out that Jeremale is a high school senior. They dig deeper into Twitter and realize that Jeanette is not really talking to Jeremale.

The task now is figuring out who Derick is. They find a Derica with the same last name and now it looks like it may be a woman. Shuntay knows that her mom would not be interested in women. She realizes that Derica is playing with her moms feelings.

The trio travels back to Shuntay's house to break the bad news to her mom. They make their way inside and Shuntay gives her mom a big hug while telling her she loves her.

They go over the fact that Derick's camera works and when they searched for his photo, they got a bunch of hits on Jeremale.

They find a lot more photos that Jeanette hasn't seen especially the one that says Class of '16. They reveal that the kid in the photo is in high school.

Jeanette has to excuse herself and is very emotional. She doesn't know if she is talking to a baby but Joseph thinks that she is talking to someone who is taking photos from Jeremale. Jeanette says she is very hurt and feels like a fool. She returns to the room to finish the briefing.

She can't even look at the photo and says that she is sorry because the kid is 17-years-old. Schulman relieves her by telling her that she might not be talking to Jeremale.

They present her with Derica and Jeanette at first doesn't think it could be a woman but Schulman and Joseph present her with two instances where it is a strong possibility.

Schulman says whoever it is, they must have strong feelings for her.

Schulman gives Derica a call and explains the situation. Derica is pretty quiet on the phone and he/she says that she loves Jeanette and wants to be with her but she has a lot going on. Meanwhile, Jeanette is trying to make sense of why this happened to her.

Schulman says Jeanette knows who that they are not Jeremale or Derick. The person on the phone says that they love Jeanette and they don't want to lose her. They agree to meet with Jeanette and the Catfish team.

Schulman relays the message to Jeanette and reveals that Derick is not the real name and they are really 31-years-old not 27. Shuntay says she can find someone to watch the baby while they take the trip to see Derica. Shuntay has to console her mother when the guys leave.

Joseph and Schulman believe that the older someone gets, the bigger the scar is when something like this happens. The team assembles again for the mother and daughter's first plane ride.

Jeanette is pretty angry and she wants to know why the person lied to her. It takes them pretty long to get to Derica's house that seems to be outside of Atlanta. They arrive at a house and Schulman makes his way up to the door.

He rings the doorbell and eventually someone answers. Schulman seems pretty surprised and the person agrees to step outside and talk to Jeanette.

Derica steps out and Jeanette is not happy at all. Derica is a female and she is at a loss for words.

Jeanette asks Derica why she did it and she just says it was something to do. Shuntay says that Derica was playing with her mothers feelings. Derica says it wasn't all a lie but both Shuntay and Jeanette beg to differ. Derica says she has talked to other females on the site but none like Jeanette.

Jeanette says that Derica pissed all over her feelings. Derica says she is still Derick but she doesn't look like the person in the photo.

Derica admits that all of her feelings were real but Jeanette says that she was played like a fool and tells Derica she hates her.

She really wants to hit her but Joseph asks her if she wants to step away and she agrees.

Joseph says she deserves to be angry. Meanwhile, Shuntay tells Derica it was really messed up what she did to her mother. Jeanette says she really wants to get violent but Joseph says she doesn't have to stoop to that level. He says it's tragic that it got this far.

Jeanette regroups and tells Derica that she really hurt her and thanked her for breaking her heart. Jeanette doesn't want to be there anymore and says she has heard all she needs to hear.

They drive off and Derica is left alone.

Jeanette says she doesn't know how she is going to rebuild her life from this. The next day Jeanette says she needs better answers that what she gave her. Shuntay feels really bad for her mother. They give Derica a call to see if she would meet again and she agrees.

They all meet in the back and Derica says she was being selfish and apologized. She still held out hopes that what they talked about could go through.

Derica says she knows she can't take it back but she apologizes.

Derica says she still wanted to have children but Jeanette says she was sold a false dream. Derica wanted to get past it but Joseph says the only way around it is through it.

Schulman asks Derica to go over the real things in her life such as her mother passing away. Her grandfather died after her birthday and Derica was on her own since then. Derica was locked up for selling drugs and she was homeless for some time. She says she did what she had to do and she actually had sex with older women at a very young age. Derica and Jeanette were left alone to talk and Derica asked for a chance to make it up.

She says she loves Jeanette and it won't change. Jeanette says the relationship they had, she hadn't been that happy in a long time. Jeanette says she loved Derick, not Derica.

She says that she is sure there is someone out there for her but it's not her. Jeanette also said that she wouldn't be contacting Derica anymore.

Jeanette now makes her way back home for the healing process and was very thankful to Schulman and Joseph for their help. Two months later, Jeanette admits that she has spoken to Derica occasionally but she is forgiving and forgetting.

They catch up with Derica and she says that she did talk to Jeanette and even if it wasn't like it use to be, she is happy to have Jeanette as a friend.

Yet another pretty explosive episode of MTV's Catfish to continue the fresh season five.

It all seemed a little too predictable this time around but people still don't know how to prevent themselves from being catfished.

You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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