'Catfish' MTV: 'Jamey & Ari' Recap, Another Catfish Meet-Up Scheme?

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The hit MTV series "Catfish" continues this week as Nev Schulman and Max Joseph investigate the long distance relationship of Jamey and Ari through an online dating site.

Episode nine of Catfish's fourth season is about Jamey (Twitter) from Houston, Texas and his strange relationship with Ari (Twitter).

The two met on a dating site called Plenty of Fish which happens to be the same site that Jamey's mom found her husband.

Jamey (Facebook) says that the shear speed in which he found a connection on Plenty of Fish was incredibly surprising to him after being approached by Ari (Instagram) online.

Jamey and Ari (Facebook) began texting and talking on the phone all of the time and he realized that she is everything he could ever want. The good news here is that since he's talked to her on the phone, he can pretty much rule out the fact that it's a guy playing a prank on him. Ari is from Houston as well, however, the fact that neither of them have cars is one of the reasons preventing them from seeing each other.

Jamey does admit that his schedule also makes it incredibly difficult for them to meet up as well so there is no one side completely at fault.

He's very open with Ari and their conversations last for hours at a time.

In a huge twist, Ari drops the bomb that she thinks that the two of them should meet on "Catfish." Okay, what the heck is going on here? Isn't that a sure sign of someone who is just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame? Jamey learns that Ari has a secret since she refuses to meet with him after he's made an effort following her "Catfish" meet-up idea.

Now when his back is against the wall Jamey is forced to contact the guys of "Catfish." This has already spun so out of control.

Schulman and Joseph agree that it's all a little strange but still agree to call Jamey who is training to become a certified "meat-cutter." They give Jamey a call and he explains the situation and the fact that he and Ari have actually Skyped before during their five month relationship. The twist is, he can only see her face. Uh-oh.

Schulman immediately believes that Ari might be heavier than she has lead Jamey to believe and maybe she doesn't want him to know.

Everyone is still holding out hope that it can be a big "Catfish" love story but something gives the viewer the impression that things might get a little tricky.

The guys hope on a plane to Houston to meet with Jamey face to face. They will be meeting Jamey at the chop shop where he is getting certified. Schulman and Joseph make a funny joke about the ugly truth while being in the freezer but a Rocky joke would have been a little better.

Jamey is staying with his family in Houston and he admits that after he began talking to Ari he pretty much closed himself off from bars and going out. Jamey says they both had a rough life and he seems very nervous during the interview.

He's physically attracted to Ari and from what he knows, she is attracted ti him as well. Jamey is ready to settle down and he wants to see where she stands.

It's very confusing that it's just her face every time her sees her and they rule out pregnancy because he trusts her. The next viable excuse might be her weight and Jamey says if the secret is not terrible and unforgivable, he can move forward with her.

Ari is virgin according to Jamey and her profiles and everything in her photos seem fine, however, she looks a little bigger in the photos.

Schulman and Joseph have to dig around to see what they can help Jamey reveal about Ari. They both know that Jamey is nervous about being on TV and really want to get down to the secret.

Schulman and Joseph joke about the guest co-hosts and the Catfish cheating that went on before getting down to business. The situation is strange because Ari is very forward about the fact that she has a secret. They find her on Facebook and she has a lot of friends from Texas making her profile trustworthy.

Schulman and Joseph send Ari's friend Sophia a message to see if they can find out more about her.

They really can't find anything wrong except a strange status update about her in-laws. Is Ari married? The Catfish pros then find a photo of Ari's alleged husband at this point.

The next day, Schulman and Joseph receive a call from Sophia and they explain that they are trying to help Jamey. When they ask Sophia if Ari is married, Sophia stumbles and tells them they will find out soon. She immediately hangs up and the guys of Catfish knows that there is something serious going on.

The guys head over to Jamey's house so they can tell him what they've learned so far. When they ask Jamey's family about the relationship they basically say that if he's happy then they are happy.

During a sit down with Jamey they reveal that everything checked out. Jamey receives a bunch of texts from Ari that are very hateful in manner. Ari has been hot and cold about going on television and it just seems like she's not only being selfish but a horrible person towards Jamey.

Ari has the upper hand on Jamey because he's not really on Facebook too often. Schulman and Joseph reveal that one of Ari's friends was very defensive when they asked her if Ari is married to Caz.

Jamey is understandably upset but he definitely wants to get to the bottom of it all to see if he needs to move on wit or without her.

Schulman and Joseph finally decide to call Ari and ask her how she's feeling about everything. Ari is nervous and says she is still unsure about the relationship. She says there is something that Jamey needs to know and she thinks it was a mistake.

She hangs up the phone before the guys can get the secret out of her.

There is a very big underlying issue and they just wait to see if they get a reply from Ari.

Schulman rings Ari again and she apologizes for yesterday while asking to meet with the guys before she meets with Jamey, to which they agree.

The guys meet up with Ari and they sit down to discuss what the big secret is. Ari is in fact a transgendered woman and she was afraid to tell him because guys strayed away from her. She is not married but she's going into the process of becoming a real girl. She explains the transformation that she's going through.

Ari's mom realized she was different when she asked her to choose between a Barbie and action figure. She chose the Barbie and from then on her parents supported her.

Ari says that she is a virgin and isn't comfortable enough with her body to be intimate. She does love Jamey and hopes that he feels the same once Jamey finds out the secret.

Schulman and Joseph have to meet with Jamey to find out what the next step is. Jamey and the guys sit down and they tell him that Ari isa transgender female. His reaction is something that anyone would expect.

He's incredibly shocked and is at a loss for words (not that he spoke much). Jamey needs time before he can decide if he wants to meet Ari after what they told him.

He spends some time alone smoking a cigarette trying to gather his thoughts. Joseph believes that Jamey meeting Ari would help a bit but he is still in shock.

It looks like Jamey has decided to meet up with Ari and the tension in the car is very heavy. Jamey hops out of the car and the guys try to keep Jamey calm. The meet is very awkward at first and Jamey looks a little sick.

Jamey makes it known that he is upset but is very compassionate when it comes to dealing with the fact that she's transgendered.

Ari apologizes and Jamey is not upset and wants to talk in private before he decides if he wants to move on with her.

Jamey leads what is sort of an interrogation and Ari is a little too emotional to continue. She says she'd rather not talk to him but he continues to push in a respectful manner. In the end the whole thing is too much for Ari despite Jamey's understanding nature.

She even evades Schulman and Joseph and everyone is left in this awkward moment. Jamey looks to be a very generous and understanding person because he could have gone off on her but he handled it pretty gracefully.

Jamey and Ari still remain friends but he's stopped dating online. He proves that there are good people out there who aren't judgmental about people in her situation. Ari is still coping with the decision to be friends with Jamey.

She is still searching for love and learned that she needs to be truthful in the future when it comes to dating. A special message from Schulman and Joseph deals with the weight of coming out as a transgendered women.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any crazier this season, more twists have been thrown into the game.

"Catfish" obviously has a few secret episodes and twists after the specials they showed this season which might have fans wondering if there are anymore left? What will next week's episode of MTV's "Catfish" have in-store for viewers?