'Catfish' MTV: 'Ja'La & Jaylin' Recap Too Many Profiles

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In this episode of MTV's "Catfish" Jaylin is looking for help from Max Joseph and Nev Schulman to figure out if he is being catfished by Ja'La, a girl he met online.

In episode five of season five, Jaylin writes to the "Catfish" crew looking for a way to become united with Ja'La (Twitter) a girl from Dayton, Ohio that he met and fell in love with online. For the most part, Jaylin's story resembles that of the many others who have been catfished before.

Jaylin has not been able to video chat with Ja'La (Instagram) despite what he describes as a perfect relationship with someone he has fallen deeply for.

Even worse, he hasn't even had a phone conversation with her.

Jaylin has the opportunity to make it big on the gaming circuit but is willing to risk his friendship with a fellow game developer Ja'La (Facebook 1, 2) and his career to be her because she asked him to move in with her.

It's been three years and Jaylin has to think about moving out to meet someone he has never met or heard in real life. The guys joke that they belong together off of their names alone. They give Jaylin a call and he is pretty tired. He is always busy because he is developing a game for multiple platforms. Jaylin says he tried to meet up with Ja'La but she always blew him off when he was close.

Jaylin never really had a girlfriend until meeting Ja'La. She is the first person he ever said "I love you" to.

She never cared about his financial situation or anything and Schulman gets a bit emotional. Jaylin was excited to leave but he can ruin his business partnership and friendship. The agree to help and set out to Ohio.

They arrive in Dayton and head over to Jaylin's neighborhood. They sit down and Jaylin says he has a lot at stake. He is prepared to pack up and leave because he doesn't want to reach an age where he regrets not doing something. He had just turned 17 when he came across her profile picture. Jaylin says that Ja'La got him to open up which he doesn't do.

He only received photos that he could find. Schulman says something is going on and he jokes the only reason she wouldn't be able to take is because she is a mute. They look at her profile photo and notices that Ja'La is an athlete and owns an iPhone.

Jaylin says he has tried to search for the photos but only finds the profiles he follows. Joseph thinks that it's a guy already.

After a conversation with Jaylin they learn that Ja'La also runs track for the University of Wyoming. The guys do some digging to find multiple profiles with Ja'La's photos however, they seem a lot more aggressive than the girl that Jaylin describes. Joseph describes it as a "ratchet patrol" situation and Schulman says that whoever it is that is messing around with the profile is not the girl in the photo.

Joseph wants Schulman to add "Wyoming" and "track" to his search. Sure enough they find the 2015 roster with the name Ja'La Emory from Dayton, Ohio. Thanks to Joseph's quick thinking they were hot on the trail of the real Ja'La.

They find out some pretty impressive information about her career. They search the Instagram page and reach an account.

They notice that the photos are being stolen and that the real Ja'La has a boyfriend with matching tattoos.

They now know that someone has been stealing the photos and leading Jaylin on. The guys are hellbent on exposing whoever it is.

Back in Dayton, Joseph really believes that it is a guy that is messing with Jaylin. They both want to put it to an end. The guys get to Jaylin's home where they meet J.P. They were working on the game and Schulman and Joseph got a chance to play. J.P. thinks that Ja'La is a "Catfish" he is scared it could be a dude playing a prank on his friend.

The guys reveal that Jaylin was planning to move but J.P. had no idea. Jaylin says he told Ja'La he loves her and J.P. says he needs Jaylin to be there to finish the game. J.P. says he would never do that to Jaylin.

Schulman and Joseph step in and decide to go over the information with Jaylin in private. They show him the information they found from the fake pages.

Jaylin doesn't recognize the fake pages and he starts to worried.

They show him the real Ja'La from the University of Wyoming track and field page. The guys then show Jaylin the real page which shows the real Ja'La in a relationship with someone who has matching tattoos.

Joseph tells Jaylin he might have been talking to a guy and Schulman says none of it matters unless they can meet up with the imposter. Jaylin tells them to go ahead but when they call, they reach the voicemail. Schulman sends a text message and a photo of him and Jaylin, along with a message to the Facebook count he has been communicating through.

They leave it up to fate at this point. Schulman wants to go to Wyoming but the guys decide to call Jaylin to see if he has heard anything.

No one got a message back and Schulman suggests going to Wyoming to meet Ja'La.

They will have to pack up and catch a flight in the morning. They don't have any real information and they haven't spoken to anyone. It could be a total dead end but they hope to at least meet the girl in the photos. Jaylin is anxious to meet Ja'La. The day has come and there is still no reply from everyone including the real version.

They check in with Jaylin and he hasn't heard anything. They decide to go out and find the real Ja'La.

They find a photo that the real Ja'La posted having breakfast with her boyfriend. They hurry out to the location and arrive at the restaurant.

They hop out of the car and realize that Schulman has to go in and find the person if they are even in there, then bring her out. Jaylin and Joseph are waiting and you can see his nerves.

Schulman does find Ja'La in the restaurant and asks her to come out to meet Jaylin. They make their way out and as they turn the corner they see what looks to be the real Ja'La.

She actually admits to knowing Jaylin and that he really was talking to her. Jaylin is blindsided and so is everyone else.

They explain the situation and Joseph even expresses his shock. Ja'La tells a story about being in High School and she was scared that her parents wouldn't accept him because of the age. Ja'La revealed that she has a really busy life but no one understood why she couldn't get on the phone. She said she was waiting to apologize to Jaylin because she was talking to him while he was dating someone. She admitted to trying to hide it all and Jaylin is hurt.

Ja'La says she was scared and she had a right to. She apologizes to him and says she really wants Jaylin to come live with her. She wants him to be a part of her life and accept her apology.

She says Jaylin was never a side person to her. She even gets really emotional and points out everything she loves about him.

Ja'La hugs Jaylin but he is a bit confused and he wanted some time to think. He leaves Ja'La who seems to really care about him and he says he feels stupid for being caught. He says he has no idea what he is going to do.

The next day Jaylin says he didn't get to properly express himself the way he wanted.

He says what happens next depends on how he feels after they talk. He calls Ja'La up and she agrees to meet him in Washington Park.

They meet Ja'La and her friend Logan and they give Ja'La a chance to explain herself. She said that she already knew what she was doing wrong and she didn't want it to go any further by letting him see her. They leave Ja'La and Jaylin alone and he says he was angry yesterday. Ja'La says that she wants to be in a relationship with him but she doesn't think he is on the same page. He wants to have a clean slate but wants her to be much more open.

Ja'La says she has matured and she wants the chance. Jaylin says he can't forget about it right away but he is willing to see where things go. Ja'La asks him to move out to Wyoming.

They decide to see how distance works before having him move out. She doesn't want him to go but he has to.

This "Catfish" has a pretty happy ending so far and the guys are very happy because this never happens. Jaylin and Ja'La even have a little fun before he leaves. Two months later the guys talk to Jaylin who is all in on the gaming.

Jaylin says that everything was going well until he saw Ja'La on snapchat with another guy. They aren't dating anymore but he focusing on the game. They call Ja'La who denies seeing anyone at school.

This episode of "Catfish" really throws you for a loop. Everything seemed so complicated and there was a point where you weren't sure if these guys were going to find Jaylin the answers he needed.

Thankfully they were able to get to the bottom of it all. You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.

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