'Catfish' MTV: 'Hundra & Emily' Recap, Machine Gun Kelly Special Guest

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If you've been keeping up with MTV's "Catfish" this season, you know that there have been a bunch of special celebrity guests.

Tonight Machine Gun Kelly will help Nev Schulman find out if Hundra Campfort is being catfished by Emily, a woman she met online.

In episode 19 of season four, Schulman and Machine Gun Kelly will investigate the mysterious case of Hundra (Facebook) a 21-year-old female from Philadelphia, PA who suspects that she is being catfished by Emily, a female she met online who resides in New York, NY. The show kicks off as Schulman visits Machine Gun Kelly in Philly where he was just finishing up a show.

Machine Gun Kelly is a well known rapper who is signed to Bad Boy Records.

MGK opens up his hotel room door and looks pretty excited to see Schulman as he takes the place of Max Joseph for this episode. It's revealed that MGK has actually been starring in films directed by Schulman's brother Ariel. Whats strange about this episode is that MTV has already seemed to pick the profile that they will be viewing because the girl is located in Philly.

MGK says that he's rooting for love right off the bat. The guys sit down to find out what the story is and MGK looks pretty excited.

In the letter to "Catfish" Hundra (Twitter) says she met an amazing girl named Emily on Facebook nine months prior to them reading the message. Hundra (Myspace) says that they started out as friends but their relationship blossomed into something much more. Hundra says that Emily is her first girlfriend and the first girl she every felt this much for.

She says Emily showed Hundra it's okay to love herself and whoever she chooses to be with. Hundra says she stills loves Emily, which could mean trouble if she is in fact being catfished.

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Hundra says that every time she tries to meet with Emily something comes up. She even drove to her house one day and at the last minute Emily told her that she'd left town. Things get a lot more interesting for Hundra when she says asking the "Catfish team for help is "risky." Hundra grew up in a strict Haitian family where homosexuality is not accepted.

Hundra has not come out to her family and she runs the risk of being disowned if they don't take it well. MGK and Schulman really want to help Hundra because of her situation and it already seems like Emily is getting on MGK's nerves.

They decide to call Hundra up and get the full rundown.

When Hundra answers Schulman breaks the news that MGK will be replacing Joseph for this episode. She goes over her story once again after telling the guys that she's doing this to stand up for other Haitian kids out there that might be going through what she's going through. Hundra became "gay for a day" however it stuck once she and Emily exchanged personal stories. Hundra says Emily needs to look like she looks in the photos.

Emily lied many times and one time Hundra sent Emily money to get her car fixed so that she meet up. She says she's very frustrated and wants answers.

Schulman thanks her for sharing the moment with them and tells her that they will help her. MGK thinks that Hundra still isn't comfortable with being gay so they are hoping this will help her in the transition.

They arrive at Hundra's place and become better acquainted. They compliment Hundra who tells the guys that she's very nervous to be expressing her sexual orientation on national Television.

Hundra said she warned Emily that she would be seeking out "Catfish." Hundra says that the money she sent to Emily was through Western Union, however, there is no confirmation of receipt.

Hundra also says that there have been plenty of cell phones used to contact her.

While the address for Western Union was Brooklyn based, there have been plenty of times where she found out Emily was using phones with Philly area codes.

Hundra is now annoyed with Emily and the guys set out to start digging around. MGK and Schulman start to think that maybe Emily, if that is her real name, is right there in Philly under Hundra's nose. They sit down and go over the story once more before digging in. The money thing is a red flag and the fact that Hundra could be disowned by her family is even crazier.

Hundra can't find the address in Brooklyn. They find a Geralyn who is a lesbian from Philadelphia and looks nothing like Emily.

Geralyn looks to have a girlfriend Melanie who looks exactly like Emily. So, Melanie is Emily who is in a relationship with Geralyn, however, Geralyn might be talking to Hundra. They think maybe Geralyn and Melanie could be playing Hundra.

They return to Hundra with the information that they found and Hundra doesn't recognize the name Geralyn. Hundra does recognize Melanie as Emily and can tell that she is in a relationship with Geralyn. Melanie actually lives in Philly and Hundra realizes that she was being played by someone.

Hundra has to go to the bathroom because she is so emotional and hurting really bad. She comes back down and they continue to dive in.

Hundra said she's not attracted to girls that dress like men and doesn't want a relationship, however, she does want to know the truth.

Schulman sends a message to Emily and tells Hundra to let her know if she hears from Emily.

Schulman receives a call from Melanie who acts surprised when she hears what Schulman tells her. The guys call Hundra right away to tell her that they are going to be able to meet up and Melanie actually comes in. Everyone is pretty happy at the moment and MGK is preparing to see how it's all going to play out. When they give Melanie a rundown she seems really open to help.

Melanie says that Geralyn is her ex-girlfriend and she has a new girlfriend. Melanie says it wasn't an ugly relationship.

Melanie is surprised to know that the number Hundra is talking through belongs to Hundra. Melanie says she doesn't know what should would do if it was her.

Melanie calls Geralyn who answers the phone and Melanie tells her she's with "Catfish." Geralyn is actually laughing about it and says she doesn't want to talk about it over the phone. Geralyn says she's willing to meet up with Hundra. The guys get Geralyn's information and tells Melanie they will meet up with her later. They are now heading over to see what Geralyn has to say about all of this.

Hundra is confused as to why Geralyn told her she's from NY and MGK is thinking about how Geralyn will act when they show up. The crew arrives at Gerlyn's house and everyone is nervous and MGK does his best to try to make Hundra laugh.

Schulman knows on the door and out comes Geralyn. Hundra says that Geralyn still isn't her type.

Hundra says first and foremost Geralyn is not Emily. Geralyn apologizes and tells Hundra it was all a game at first. She said she was just trying to get Melanie angry.

The two of them were engaged and got matching tattoos. Hundra tells Geralyn that turning a woman gay especially a a Haitian woman.

Hundra is not at all attracted to Geralyn who says she was trying to be spiteful but then started to like her.

She didn't want to hurt her and Geralyn says she never picked up the money, instead she was testing Hundra.

Hundra is being pretty harsh on Geralyn and Machine Gun Kelly tells her she's looking at the situation in a bit of an ignorant way by calling Geralyn butch. Schulman gets a message from Geralyn who wants to meet up with the guys because she has something to tell them. The guys make the drive and begin making all sorts of possible plots.

They visit with Geralyn who tells them she doesn't know Hundra and she's only been talking to her for about four weeks. She also tells the guys that Hundra asked Melanie to contact the show.

A month ago they were contacted by Hundra and she told them about the plan. Melanie encouraged Geralyn to get involved and she agreed.

Geralyn was insulted by the way she was portrayed by Hundra and that's why she told the truth. Machine Gun Kelly is pissed off because he could have been with his daughter on Father's Day and all Hundra wanted to was to get on TV. They think that Melanie might be the brains behind the situation and Geralyn is trying to protect her. This is a crazy plot twist and a half. Melanie pulls up and Hundra pulls up as well and Melanie tries to confront Geralyn as if she didn't know the truth was revealed.

Hundra said that she just wanted to comes out and the wanted the world to know that she was gay. She claims she was doing it for other people like her however, she was carrying it out in the worst way.

They tell her she doesn't look like a hero and she walks away. They also confront Melanie about laughing it off.

MGK loses it and starts calling Hundra a sucker. Melanie tries to defend herself while Machine Gun Kelly completely goes off on Hundra and says she's a coward. Now, Geralyn is sort of the hero in all of this and Melanie learned not to get involved with something like this. Melanie apologizes and both Schulman and MGK are completely mad and have no idea what to think.

In the end Schulman is trying to process everything and he is very upset that he was made out to look like a fool. He receives a text from Hundra who is at his hotel and wants to talk to him.

Hundra says she's not doing good but won't apologize for what she did. Schulman says her family won't even focus on her being gay but instead they will focus on a lie.

Hundra continues to fight Schulman on the issue and advises her to have a discussion with her family before the show airs. Two months later Schulman checks in with MGK to talk to both Geralyn and Melanie who tells them they learned their lesson.

Melanie was under the impression that Hundra needed help and she and Geralyn are just friends.

They check in with Hundra who is now unhappy with the way she went about the situation and Hundra continues to be combatant with MGK. Hundra hasn't changed and wasted a lot of people's time.

Emotions definitely ran high on tonight's special episode of "Catfish." Especially when it came to the special guest Machine Gun Kelly. He felt pretty passionate about what went on and it led him to going off a little.

The dangers of online dating continue to plague many who still can't seem to avoid being catfished. You can catch more of MTV's "Catfish" Wednesday's at 10 PM EST.