'Catfish' MTV: 'Falesha & Jacqueline' Recap A Dangerous 'Copycatfish'

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MTV's hit show "Catfish" is normally all about relationships, however, tonight, things get really intense as Nev Schulman and Max Joseph help Falesha find her "Catfish" Jacqueline, but this time it's not about love.

In episode 14 of season four of "Catfish," the guys investigate one of the strangest cries for help they've had in some time. Falesha Sapko (Facebook) is a 19-year-old female from Pittsburgh who knows for a fact she is being "Catfished" by someone using the name Jacqueline (Twitter).

Jacqueline's (Facebook) only know location is Washington and she pretty much ruined Falesha's (MySpace) high school years.

Jacqueline created a few profiles but she was using Falesha's (Twitter) photos. She says that Falesha (Instagram) was rude and insulting to others but things got out of hand when she began using Falesha's real name and location.

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She added friends from Falesha's local high school and began harassing the students in a heightened form of cyber bullying. Jacqueline was telling the students that they should kill themselves. She told people that they were ugly and didn't deserve to live.

Another example even includes the fake profile tell someone they should get brain cancer and die. It made high school very difficult for Falesha and even Schulman and Joseph were perplexed by the situation.

Things got better when Jacqueline disappeared in 2011 but Falesha said that she came back with a message reading "Hey Hey B**** Member Me." This time there was a last name attached making the attackers full name Jacqueline Linkwood. Falesha is scared and is dependent on Schulman and Joseph to help her. They both agree that they need to move on the situation before someone gets severely hurt.

Falesha says she was 14 when the harassment started happening. She use to call Falesha and cuss her and her friends out. Then it all stopped.

The guys learn more about the "copycatfish" Jacqueline Linkwood once they meet up with Falesha. They show up at her house and formally meet both Falesha and her mother Deanna who really resembles her mother.

Falesha detailed the rude and vulgar things that Jacqueline was posting such as the fact that she had sex with multiple guys in one day, that she had STD's and commented on a lot of guys photos asking them to have sex with her.

She started getting the cold shoulder from kids at her high school and when she confronted one of them about it, she learned that someone was sending horrible messages to her classmates.

When the name was switched from Jacqueline to Falesha, Falesha's classmates really started believing that it was really her and called her an "attention whore." It caused her to lose a lot of her friends making an already difficult time in a teenager's life much more difficult.

Her mother was worried for her and her life as Falesha came close to committing suicide. Deanna doesn't want to have to see any other child go through what her daughter went through.

The guys get to work on trying to find the copycatfish because of how dangerous "Jacqueline" can be. Schulman rehashes what they already know before they dive into the investigation. They go over the messages from other people who have been victims of Jacqueline. They come across Danielle and Jessica two victims who had really close encounters.

Danielle began talking about her friend who was supposedly dating Jacqueline. The profile was later on erased and Corey dropped out of high school because he was being harassed by Jacqueline.

They then receive a call from Jennifer who made a fake male profile to try to get close to her.

She asked for the log in information to write sweet things on her wall and she figured out that the real name was Tracey Armah. She changed the password, gained access to the account and closed the account.

Tracey was easily located after and they are able to get a phone number as well. The next step is meeting with Falesha and then making a call to Tracey. They meet Falesha with a couple of friends who were really close with her during the traumatic time.

Her friends stood up for her many times and they were really emotional to see their friend hurt.

Schulman and Joseph went trhough their process of finding Tracey. They notice the posters on Tracey's wall matched people she spoke of being a fan of.

Schulman tries to call Tracey and meet up with her. He makes the call and Tracey seems a little too bubbly when she hears Schulman's explanation. She's a little crazy actually, she says that she is Jacqueline Linkwood and gives a cynical laugh.

She said it's fun being Jacqueline and she's a different person when she's her.

Tracey asks who she is going to be meeting up with and when Schulman tells her Falesha will be accompanying them, she seems a bit worried.

Schulman assures her that she won't be jumped and he is baffled at her reaction.

Schulman tells Falesha what happened on the phone call but she still agrees to go. Now, the road trip commences. The three take a snowy ride to Maryland to find this seemingly insane character that is Tracey.

Falesha is not a fighter but she just wants answers. When they arrive to Maryland, Tracey sends them her address and during the car ride, Falesha asks if she will be protected if Tracey tries to fight her.

Schulman knocks on the door and Tracey answers the door. Falesha is pretty pissed off and Tracey says "oh my god ew, I don't like her. She stole all of Jacqueline Linkwood's friends." Tracey is extremely nuts, however, she works with kids. Schulman tries to get a bit serious and Tracey says she was bored with her life so she wanted to be someone else.

She compared what she did to "Hannah Montana." Falesha looks completely shocked at what she's hearing. Tracey says she was bullied so she wanted revenge.

Tracey even says that Falesha thinks she's all that and she stole all of Jacqueline's friends.

When Schulman asks Tracey what she would do if someone killed themselves because of what she did, she says she wouldn't cry because it's not her fault. She literally appears to be extremely unstable and very creepy. Falesha is at a loss of words and Schulman thinks she's mimicking what she sees with the whole "Hannah Montana" comparison.

Tracey thinks the whole thing was just a ton of fun. Tracey does not realize what she's doing but the guys wanted to get through to her.

The next day, Schulman said that Tracey sent him a text saying that she is home with her mom and they are welcome to come over. Schulman is worried that Tracey is very far gone and they won't be able to get through to her. They grab Falesha and head over to see if Tracey's mother might be able to get through to her.

Tracey's mother is from Ghana and Tracey is a bit more quiet. Her mother says that Tracey likes attention but she couldn't sleep last night because her son collapsed at school.

Falesha tells Tracey's mother what she went through and Tracey's mother tells her to say sorry to Falesha but Tracey is very rebellious.

Tracey's father was sick with a stroke and that's when she created the fake profile. Her mother had to leave to visit her son and gave Falesha a hug and Tracey found it funny.

She finds everything funny.

Before her mother left Schulman told her that she thinks her daughter needs help while Tracey continued to talk about how much she doesn't like her mother.

She's rude, insubordinate and a bit deranged if she couldn't see the wrong she was doing.

Schulman asks Tracey to take a deep breath and calm down because he's trying to reach her. She's continuing to be very bubbly but when Schulman tells her that she can go to jail she gets a bit surprised. Falesha makes it even worst when she says if she pressed charges against Tracey, she could lose the chance to work with kids. Joseph asks Tracey is she is going to tell the cops that she likes the person she is and she's not going to change.

Tracey insists that she's a really good person and with one more chance, she apologizes to Falesha who forgives Tracey. Falesha tells Tracey that she thinks Tracey numbed herself out after her father's situation and that she needs to learn to feel again.

Tracey now seems a bit normal for a bit and says she wants help but she's scared. Schulman, Falesha and Joseph still believe that Tracey is a good person.

Falesha is going to school to be an accountant, she hasn't heard from Tracey but there haven't been any attacks.

Meanwhile, Tracey seems to have calmed down since the entire ordeal. She says her new boyfriend helps her get through the problems in her life.

This intense spin on MTV's Catfish continues the intensity from last weeks mid-season premiere. This was a very dangerous situation to follow because many people could have been hurt.

It exposed a flaw in social media and the ability for others to easily obtain your photos to create fake profiles.

Falesha suffered greatly at the hands of Jacqueline Linkwood. Schulman and Joseph never disappoint when it comes to finding the catfish or in this case, the "copycatfish." Fans can continue to follow "Catfish" on Wednesdays at 10 PM EST on MTV.