'Catfish' MTV: 'Dejay, Malik and Josiah' Recap Epic Season 5 Premiere

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It's that time again as MTV's "Catfish" season five premiere kicks off with Max Joseph and Nev Schulman trying to figure out if Dejay and Malik are being catfished by Josiah. That's right a catfish triangle.

In episode one of season five, Schulman and Joseph find themselves in a pretty tricky situation when the are contacted by Dejay, a 24-year-old from St. Louis and Malik (YouTube) a 20-year-old living in Charlotte, NC, that appear to be seeing the same guy named Josiah from Philadelphia, PA. The guys check their messages and look to have a Catfish first on their hands when they find an email from the casting department. They figure out that both Dejay and Malik live in different states but claim to have a long distance relationship with a guy named Josiah from Philly.

Tonight's episode is definitely an episode worth watching.

Posted by Catfish: The TV Show on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Schulman says that they always assume that a catfish has more than one target and it was just a matter of time before more than one person came forth simultaneously. So, he and Joseph start with Dejay who says he has been in an on-again off-again long distance relationship with a guy named Josiah from Philly for a shocking seven years. He said that from the moment he began talking to Josiah he fell in love with him.

However, when it came to meeting up or videochat, Josiah was a no show. Typical Catfish.

Then, Josiah came clean about not being the guy that he was in the photos he sent to Dejay, apologized and show him the real photos.

Dejay is worried that the person he told his secrets to might not be who he says he is.

The guys then move on to Malik (Facebook) before exploring Dejay's story further. Like Dejay, Malik's relationship with Josiah is on and off, however it has been five years instead of seven.

Both of these time periods are pretty extensive for which could make this much more hurtful.

Malik says that he and Josiah deeply love each other and he hopes that if he is the real deal they could have a real relationship.

Again, like Dejay, Malik (Instagram) says that Josiah doesn't videochat because he claims to have a bad phone and moves around a lot.

The guys agree that both stories sound similar but if the pursue it and happen to be wrong, they create even more chaos. So, the elect to start with Dejay and reach out to him on Skype. Dejay seems pretty happy on Skype and tells the guys a little about himself. He pretty much rehashes the story of meeting on an online dating site.

He said that Josiah taught him to accept himself. Dejay was still attracted to Josiah even after he came clean about the new photos. Josiah has a birthmark over his right eye.

The guys call Malik but he doesn't answer and they are forced to leave a message for him. The hop back on Skype with Dejay and tell him that they will be seeing him soon in Missouri. Once they arrive in St.

Louis the guys go over what they know about Dejay, Malik and Josiah. They aren't sure if it's the same guy.

Malik sends them a message while they are on their way to Dejay's house and they elect to speak with Dejay first.

They sit down with Dejay and he tells them that Josiah is his first love and motivated him to be who he wanted to be. It was difficult for Dejay to come out to his family and he says Josiah helped him get through that. He says the only problem he had with Josiah is not being face-to-face.

Despite receiving photos, Josiah still doesn't want to videchat and claims that he doesn't know how to work the technology.

The guys tell Dejay that there is a good chance that Josiah isn't who he says he is.

Dejay says he would be angry if Josiah was a liar because he has given too much time and effort in the relationship.

The guys and Dejay sit down to check out his Facebook page and they find out that Dejay was blocked from the page after getting into an argument. Dejay claims it's a cycle whenever they get into an argument. Then, Schulman reveals that there was another guy involved named Malik.

Dejay reads Malik's letter and finds that Josiah also blocked him from Facebook when they were arguing. Dejay says if Josiah is the same guy there is a problem since they have an interest in the same guy.

Malik picks up when Schulman answers and Schulman reveals the Dejay's situation. The guys are introduced and Dejay asks Malik if Josiah's phone numbers sounds the same. Then, Malik describes Josiah's photo and admits that he is also in love with Josiah.

Schulman suggests they team up to work on the case together. Malik says he is okay with meeting the guys and then traveling collectively to Philly to confront Josiah.

Dejay and Malik are extremely upset and Dejay says his first love was his first cheat.

Schulman and Joseph leave Missouri with Dejay to meet with Malik. Dejay says he doesn't think the meeting will end well at all. He is upset that Malik is the other man but reminds himself that it's really Josiah here.

Malik and Dejay meet each other and they are sitting next to each other. Malik says he is not mad at Dejay, however he is man at Josiah.

Their stories are very similar because Josiah helped they both get through coming out to their family.

After hearing Malik's story, Dejay learns about Josiah living in Atlanta for sometime and dating someone else. Dejay is surprised when he learns Josiah never mentioned going to school. Malik has never been sent any photos other than those on Facebook. Malik is convinced that he and Josiah will end up living together and they have to take a break.

Dejay is overcome and doesn't get what the point of lying is. Malik talks to Joseph and admits that he sent nude photos to Josiah.

They both felt like Josiah was the one. Dejay says he compares all previous relationships up to a lie.

Everyone comes together once more and Schulman suggests they transition into investigation mode by signing into Malik's Facebook. They find a new photo where Josiah hints to him going home to D.C. Malik says they should also check for any girls because Josiah has a baby. Dejay is completely surprised after hearing that and Joseph says he doesn't even think it matters to look anymore. He suggests giving Josiah a call and Schulman handles it.

Josiah answers and Schulman reveals himself. He reveals that Dejay and Malik reached out to the show and Josiah immediately shuts down meeting in Philly because he has a lot going on. He says that he would consider coming down to Charlotte.

Schulman tells Dejay and Malik that Josiah is open to coming to Charlotte but Dejay doesn't think he is telling the truth. The next day, the guys head over to Malik's house once more waiting for Josiah to come in.

Josiah is actually in Charlotte.

The guys are waiting but no one seems to be coming and Dejay says that it's Josiah's game. Then, a taxi pulls up and stops in front of the house. Out comes Josiah and the guys are shocked. They are not happy but Schulman and Joseph are shocked that Josiah is who he said he is. Josiah says he is not going to be able to deal with both of them at the same time.

Josiah says he had a lot going on at that time. Josiah tells the guys not to jump down his throat.

Josiah's details match up with Dejay's story the most, until he admits having a son. He also reveals that he is currently in a two-year relationship. He actually admits to all his moves while cheating on them.

Josiah says it's hard to let them go because he loves both of them and he might love one more than the other. Josiah says he loves Dejay more than Malik and he says all he can say is sorry. Josiah blames everything on the fact that he had no idea what those guys where doing.

When he is confronted by Dejay, Josiah walks away and so does Dejay. Malik was pretty quiet and says he is done. So all of a sudden everyone disperses.

Josiah says he can't talk because of Dejay's tension. Malik and Dejay say that they are over it and Joseph says Josiah doesn't seem too guilty. Schulman convinces Josiah to own up to his mistakes. He agrees to do so one-by-one. Josiah sits down with Malik first and Josiah doesn't understand him being mad because they weren't together.

They get into an argument and Josiah says he knows the truth. Dejay can hear the commotion outside. Josiah says that Malik is dismissed and it almost gets violent.

Josiah walks away and Schulman asks him if he is open to trying again tomorrow. He says he is open to talking to Dejay but he is done with Malik.

Josiah and Dejay sit down and Josiah starts out by apologizing to Dejay. It's much better than the conversation with Malik. Then, things get a bit crazy when Dejay brings up Josiah's son. The conversation heats up but doesn't get as violent as it did with Malik.

Dejay has to step out but they continue to go it at. Josiah says he doesn't talk about his son because it's a difficult situation.

Schulman says he is going to give Josiah a ride and they leave. Dejay says he has nothing to say to Josiah anymore. Malik says he is embarrassed and feels stupid for getting into the situation.

Joseph asks them what they are going to do in the future and it's really a standing question. They say goodbye to Malik and Dejay is very emotional on the ride back. Dejay says he still holds Josiah deep to his heart but it doesn't seem like Josiah cares. The guys meet with Dejay and he says he is still willing to hear what Josiah has to say.

They meet at Malik's house again and he says he feels really hurt. He doesn't want Josiah in his life.

Schulman tries to get Josiah to come back over to close the book on the drama and start fresh. He agrees to come over as long as they can sit down like adults.

Josiah arrives at the house and says he would like to leave on good terms. Dejay says that Josiah put himself in the situation and asks Josiah to be open and honest and truthful. Josiah apologizes for letting it all go so far and Dejay is satisfied. Josiah says he would like a friendship with Dejay and Malik.

Malik says he doesn't want anything to do with Josiah. Dejay and Josiah end things with a hug but Malik is too hurt to react. Dejay and Malik shake hands.

Dejay says that Malik blocked him from Instagram after the show because there was still an attraction between Dejay and Josiah.

Josiah says that he is still in the relationship and came clean with his partner. Malik doesn't speak to Josiah or Dejay and is in a committed relationship.

MTV's "Catfish" picks up right where they left off. The drama in this episode was at an all time high and it's always interesting where there is a "Catfish" first.

Season five looks like it's going to be a pretty scandalous one. You can catch up with all of the episodes of "Catfish" over at MTV and check out what's coming up for the rest of season five.