'Catfish' MTV: 'Daisy & Marcus' Recap, Tyler Oakley Guest Co-Host

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MTV's "Catfish" gets shaken up a bit as Nev Schulman is joined by YouTube star, Tyler Oakley to investigate the mysterious relationship of Daisy and Marcus to find out if Daisy is being "catfished."

Episode four of season four of "Catfish" is all about Daisy, (FB Link) is a 22-year-old female from Indian Trails, NC who is beginning to fall in love with Marcus of Cincinnati, OH. Daisy (IG Link) met Marcus on Instagram and began communicating via social media furthering their relationship via text messaging.

Things get a little strange when Daisy notices that if she tries to call or bring up the idea of it, it's dismissed by Marcus. She has also tried to call him on numerous occasions, however, Marcus does not answer.

The plot thickens as Daisy even admits to spending money on Marcus saying that she actually bought him a $1,000 camera. That's pretty outrageous for someone you've met on Instagram and haven't been able to speak to on the telephone. Schulman and Oakley now have to use their snooping skills to see if they can track Marcus down.

Oakley has amassed over 6.6 million subscribers on YouTube with his videos ranging from life tips to what's going on in his own life. For more on Oakley, check out his Facebook page here.

Schulman tells Oakley that if a guy or girl doesn't want to talk to you over the phone they are probably the opposite sex. They notice that Oakley is in video production but he can't even video chat him, which is really awkward.

The guys call up Daisy who admitted that her sister and her father have both passed away but she tries to stay positive.

Daisy says they exchanged numbers over Instagram before direct messaging was allowed on Instagram. Daisy says that she wants to talk to Marcus and she is ready for a relationship.

Oakley knows that Daisy just wants to meet someone who has been there for her in the toughest of times and is ready to get some answers. Oakley thinks that Marcus might be a girl, so it looks like they aren't very optimistic. The two show up to Daisy's house and she and Oakley hit it off right away because of their similar hairstyles.

Right before entering her senior year in high school Daisy's sister died by crashing.

When Daisy started a relationship with a girl, her father and family were angry.

After a failed attempt to meet with the girl Daisy's family blamed her for her father's death because he died while they were all dropping her off at her girlfriend's house.

The guys knew that Marcus knew exactly what to say to her to make her feel better. Daisy's friends don't even know what the situation is between them. In total she has probably sent Marcus around $2,000 worth of gifts. Daisy bought him the expensive camera, however, he still doesn't issue videos.

Daisy did a little research on the address she sent money orders and gifts to, however a lady's name came up. Daisy becomes even more emotional when reading a message she sent to Marcus.

She longs for hearing his voice or feeling his physical presence and Oakley lays the dangers out.

Daisy is willing to risk it all to find out who Marcus is and if he's the one she's been looking for. Schulman believes it has all of the construct for a "Catfish."

Schulman and Oakley go over all of the information they received and find it really odd that though Marcus has much video equipment, however, he refuses to chat. Schulman finds out that the phone number being used is a home phone number. He realizes that it could be a possible Google voice app being used to chat.

They find out that there is a Sandra associated with the phone number, however she is related to a Marcus. They put two and two together and realize that Daisy is talking to someone in Marcus' family but it's not him.

Oakley and Schulman aren't sure if it's the older brother or the mom that's communicating with Daisy.

Schulman says that there is an actual chance that it may be Marcus. He also believes that someone in the family may have intercepted her phone number via social media and using it to their advantage like Schulman experienced.

This is absolutely exhilarating so far because there are so many possibilities, this could honestly ruin a family if it happens to be someone close to Marcus. At this point the hypothesis of it being Marcus' brother seems most logical.

Schulman and Oakley meet up with Daisy at her place where her mother and sister are with her. Everyone sits down and Daisy's mother already doesn't like the guy from Ohio as she was actually the one paying for the gifts for Marcus. That's pretty ridiculous and it's strange that her mother would allow it.

Her mother is clearly distant from Daisy because of what happened and she admitted that after her husbands death things got really messed up. Daisy's sister made a good point that because Daisy can't talk to her mother about anything she turned to the first person that would help her.

Daisy longs for her mom's approval and her sister is the only one who seems to believe in her at the moment.

There is an underlying family issue for Daisy but she still wants to continue to hear what the guys have found. They tell her that they found the same name that Daisy saw. They checked the page of the woman and she is related to three men.

They realize that it is the man in the photo's and it is his page, however, things get cloudy as to why he won't let her see who he is.

Oakley lays out the scenarios, it could be Marcus, it could be his brother posing as Marcus or it could be his mom.

Oakley reveals that the biggest issue here is the fact that he won't get on the phone which means they can only be hiding their gender.

They instruct Daisy to call Marcus and tell him that she has an opportunity to meet him. They try to get Marcus on the phone and Schulman leaves a detailed message on the voicemail.

Schulman tells Daisy there is the other option of just going to the house because she already has the address.

They decide to go with the second plan, however, Schulman receives a text from Marcus that says he will only meet with Daisy on terms.

Schulman tells Daisy and Oakley the next day that Marcus says he doesn't want to meet with Daisy, however she is persistent. Schulman receives a call from Marcus and he tells Schulman that the whole situation sucks and he's not ready to meet with Daisy.

Schulman tries to calm Marcus by speaking highly of Daisy and when she gets on the phone, it sounds like they are able to persuade him.

Daisy is shocked that Marcus, who says he is more of a private person, eventually agreed to meet with her.

Daisy, Oakley and Schulman arrive in Ohio and get ready to meet with Marcus, however, he calls back and says that he isn't ready to meet. Marcus even downplayed meeting later on at some point and Daisy is crushed.

As the episode rolls on Schulman receives a text message from Marcus who tells him that Saturday will be a better day to meet with Daisy.

The back and forth on this episode is really tiresome but it also sounds like Marcus is being a little selfish.

Once again Schulman tells Daisy that the time has actually come to meet with Marcus and they need to get a place and time. Marcus points out a park overlooking the city and Daisy is incredibly excited. On the ride over, Schulman tries to calm Daisy down and tells her that there is a possibility he could be someone else. They arrive at the park and Daisy is clearly feeling nervous.

Every car that drives by brings more anxious feelings. After waiting for almost an hour they begin to feel that Marcus is not going to show up.

Just then, a slow moving vehicle but then there is a message that "we're on our way," insinuating that there is more than one person. Next thing you know a car pulls up and anticipation builds, good ole MTV.

The real Marcus hops out of a vehicle with another guy and actually meets up with Daisy and they are both giddy. Marcus' cousin is the one who accompanied him to the meet-up and Marcus is a bit overwhelmed with being on TV. Marcus says that he has a bit of a comfort zone and anything away from texting gets a bit overwhelming.

Daisy is clearly upset that Marcus prolonged the connection and she gets really defensive when she asks him about sending something in return. Marcus says that he did tell her she shouldn't send the gifts.

Marcus says that financially he wasn't in the position to send her anything.

Schulman is still in shock that Marcus is actually there because he is so timid. Marcus' cousin didn't even think that Daisy was real and things got much better as it all unraveled.

Marcus and his cousin leave with the intentions of him spending with some time with Daisy later.

Daisy thinks that Marcus is just as attractive as she saw in the photos, while Schulman and Oakley realize that Marcus is just super super shy.

Daisy is still nervous because she doesn't know how to act in front of Marcus. She does admit that she would kiss or cuddle, "cuddle so hard" as she put it. Oakley and Schulman warn Daisy that Marcus clearly takes things slow. Daisy is in disbelief again when Marcus comes in to the coffee shop and the conversation between the two starts off with compliments.

Daisy confessed that Marcus means so much to her and getting her through the rough times. Marcus agrees that he wants to keep contact but is only throwing out the work friendship.

When Daisy asks about a relationship Marcus evades it but agrees that he likes Daisy and they will see where the meeting goes.

Two months after the meet, Daisy tells the guys that she is going to school and that she and Marcus have just been doing their own thing.

She and Marcus only hit it off on a friendship level. Marcus calls up Oakley and says that he isn't interested in a relationship right now he just wants to play the field.

Well tonight's episode was surely a shocker and Tyler Oakley was actually a very impressive co-host.

Schulman and Oakley were able to get right down to the bottom of Daisy's strange catfish problem and boy was it a huge surprise. What will next week's episode of MTV's "Catfish" have in-store for viewers?