MTV 'Catfish' Recap: Chitara & Priscilla With Alex Shaffer

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This week MTV's "Catfish" there may be some girl on girl fighting as Nev Schulman is joined by actor Alex Shaffer (His Instagram) of "Win Win" to investigate the strange end to the relationship of Chitaram, her Instagram, and Priscilla.

[this is a rolling recap and opinion as the show is airing]

Tonight's story has all of the ingredients for a prime episode of Catfish. Chitara is 28-year-old mother of two from Durham, NC who is trying to figure out who in the world broke up with her.

22-year-old Priscilla is the young woman in question here who broke up with Chitara, her Twitter, after the two began seeing each other following their introduction through Mocospace. And what is Mocospace anyways? Turns out, it's getting pretty popular.

Things got a little deep when Chitara fell in love with Priscilla who also claimed to live in Durham as well. Despite living in the same city, something always came up when the two had plans to meet and video chat was also out of the window.

Things got even rockier when Priscilla suddenly broke the news to Chitara that she didn't love her and everything she said in the past were lies.

Will we see a girl fight on Catfish: The TV Show this week?

Posted by Catfish: The TV Show on Sunday, March 22, 2015

Alex Shaffer is an actor best known for his role in the wrestling film, "Win Win." Shaffer actually just finished shooting a film with Schulman's co-host Max Joseph and decided to help him out by tagging along this week to help Chitara and also burn a little rubber on the go-kart track.

The whole beginning of this season is pretty much a shameless plug for Max's new movie, but I guess that is to be expected.

It also continues to be a little strange how much Nev misses Max, does anyone else think the two of them have something on the side?

Also, how does the team at Catfish seem to have the best Skype clarity ever? Moving on. Chitara has never video-chatted with Priscilla so big red flag there, and during the "research" session with the mundane personality that is Alex Shaffer, they discover the pictures are from a different person.

There are also a ton of fake profiles with the same woman's name and photos, so dun dun dun, she's being catfished.

Then they have the back and forth where the person doesn't want to meet and then they do agree to meet. So who is the mystery person behind the name Priscilla? A young woman named Ashanti (where is Ja-Rule?) who is only very recently 18 years old.

Needless to say, Chitara is not happy and they end up arguing for a while.. which resembles a YouTube viral fight video but with no shovel throwing.

In the end, this was a less-than-interesting episode with a very less-than-interesting co-host. It certainly doesn't make me want to rush out and see Max's movie with Alex in it and luckily, Max himself is back in the next show.

Ashanti had a sad back story and needed a way to escape, just like every other catfisher. Things ended on a positive note for both of them, so on to the next one!